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My Maternity Must-Haves by Kristine Fretwell

by Kristine Fretwell, posted to Pregnancy & Baby

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MAGIC BAG Thermotherapeutic pack(19''X 5.5'')

Use this daily for back pain! Warm it up in the microwave, and its good to go!

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Thyme Maternity

Favorite Maternity Store

Maternity clothes and nursing wear that flatter your new figure. Find...more

This may be a Canadian-only store, but I always buy my maternity clothes here!

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Thyme Maternity Demin

Favorite Maternity Jeans

Maternity clothes and nursing wear that flatter your new figure. Find...more

From the same store that I like maternity clothes, I also like their jeans. I have a few pairs of different styles and they're all nice. I couldn't justify designer jeans like Citizen when they only get a few months of use.

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Costco - Body Therapy Memory Foam Body Pillow

Body Pillow I Recommend

Body Therapy Memory Foam Body Pillow

I just got this one for my 2nd pregnancy, I love it. Its super flexible, so I keep it behind my back, and stuff the end between my legs.

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The Body Shop Shea Body Butter Regular, 6.9 Ounce

Stretch Mark Cream That Works

Dry to very dry skin gets the royal treatment in body lotion with...more

I think stretch marks are largely related to genes. But I used this last time, and no tummy stretch marks! I like that it sinks in and is not greasy like a lot of the other belly creams.

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Biggest Pregnancy Craving

I'm eating way more fruit than I normally do. Could be worse, right?

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TOMS Slip-Ons

Comfy Shoes I Lived In

Toms Classics Canvas Shoes

Just got my first pair of Toms a little while back, and I wear them daily!

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Tunic and Leggings

My Maternity Style

I totally go by this style when going out. During the day, its just Lululemon pants and a long tee.

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SISU Supreme Multi Expecting

Prenatal Vitamins I Recommend

SISU - Premium Vitamins and Supplements

All natural source ingredients, and the non-constipating form of iron! A must have!

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Knocked Up

Pregnancy Movie I Heart

Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen Edition): Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl,...more

This is my favorite pregnancy-related movie. So funny!

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What I Miss The Most - Coffee

Most Difficult Food To Give Up

I miss my morning wake-up! But even decaf isn't appealing to me right now with the aversions. What a bummer!

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Best Dressed Pregnant Celeb - Beyonce - Glamour Girl

Best Dressed Pregnant Celeb

Could the girl get any more glamorous? Even when pregnant!

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