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Top 2011 Lists From Around the Web by Larissa

by Larissa, posted to Just for Fun

I LOVE lists, especially Year in Review lists. But I'm bored with the best books, movies, celeb hook-up lists making the rounds this time of year. So here's my round-up of the best and most unique, likely to go viral lists from around the web.

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The 10 Least Fascinating People of 2011

Tonight, the American Broadcast Company airs Barbara Walters Presents:...more

A companion piece to Barbara's Walter's Most Fascinating People.

Dvr Dame: If Whitney is 29 than I'm 15.

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The Top 8 Parenting Controversies of 2011

Crotchless thongs, ADHD medication, chicken-pox lollipops, tiger moms...more

Ewww: Crotchless thongs... for 7-year-olds

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TSA Top 10 Good Catches of 2011 - The TSA Blog

Our officers have had some good finds this year at our checkpoints and...more

The TSA has a blog?? Some entertaining finds, from snakes to artfully concealed martial arts weapon.

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The Most Terrifying Celebrity Faces Of 2011

The Most Terrifying Celebrity Faces Of 2011: Some people are naturally...more

Don't miss: Steve Tyler, Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone

Dvr Dame: I don't understand why girls obsess over Robert Patterson. Exhibit A this picture.

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2011 Lego Year in Review

Occupy Wall St. From the Occupy movement, the royal wedding, riots,...more

Experience 2011 Lego-style.

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10 Best Kid Videos Of 2011

We all know kids say and do the craziest things -- things we couldn't...more

Don't miss these hilarious & heartwarming kid videos.

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Most-Rented Redbox Films in 2011 Shows We Love Crappy Movies

When I look back on the movies of 2011, it seems like it wasn't...more

This is embarrassing: The Tourist and Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's Just Go With It tops the list.

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Top 10 Celebrity Hot Messes Of 2011

Many celebs go through that tough period where they are transitioning...more

Christina tops my list, so true: She's starting to look more drag than diva.

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The Year in Celebrity TwitPics 2011

"Harvested my lunch at the INCREDIBLE on Maui today....more

Don't miss: LeAnn Rimes' rib cage, a dirty pic of Anderson Cooper, what's that on Taylor Swift's arm?

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2011 Women in Hollywood Presented by ELLE

ELLE Magazine presents the 2011 coverage of  in Women in Hollywood....more

Elizabeth Olsen it this year's most remarkable ingénue.

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The 12 Best Nail Ideas Of 2011: Which Is Your Fave?

The past 12 months have been possibly the most momentous time ever for...more

I love the look of Ombre nails (as championed by Lauren Conrad)

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The bad food news of 2011

Grist's food politics reporting isn't all sunshine and roses: Here's a...more

Depressing and eye-opening...

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Most Viral Animal Videos of 2011

Watch this year's 10 best animal videos. Hit repeat on the cutest,...more

I don't normally seek out animal videos, but this round-up is pretty amusing.

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Year in Review: Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas

By Kat Giantis "Isn't it fabulous?" a delighted Sarah Jessica Parker...more

Who's this year's worst offender?

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Why 2011 Is the Year When Everything Fell Apart

After the Arab Spring, it was hard to think of 2011 as anything but a...more

R.I.P Dippin' Dots

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Steve Jobs: 20 Life Lessons

Having finished the Steve Jobs biography I realize that there are...more

Not exactly a year-end list, but a nice one that celebrates Steve.

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Best Celebrity Engagement Ring Bling Of 2011

This year was a big one for celeb engagements. More and more of our...more

Check out who got the biggest and baddest rock.

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Kate Middleton's Year-End Style Roundup

A year ago at this time, Kate Middleton had just lept onto our fashion...more

Here's the best Kate fashion round-up I found, I scoured through dozens that weren't very comprehensive or well curated.

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Vanity Fair’s Most Iconic Photography in 2011

A look back at the most iconic images that appeared in the magazine in...more

A beautiful, breathtaking photo spread.

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The Most Obnoxious Chefs of 2011

Bloated egos and raging tempers are not exactly a rare commodity among...more

I'm over Tyler Florence too: sort of what happens when a frat boy discovers foie gras, Krug champagne, and pork belly.

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Jennifer Aniston's Best Year Ever!

After years of heartache and series of box office bombs, Jennifer...more

Chronicles Jennifer's best moments of 2011, from her budding relationship to her directorial debut.

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The 10 Most Annoying Things of 2011

The 10 Most Annoying Things Of 2011: It's annual tradition that I blog...more

Things that also annoyed me: Twitter spam, Kardashians, Rue La La and most of the daily deal sites have jumped the shark.

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