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Fun and Practical Stocking Stuffers Under $20 by Larissa

by Larissa, posted to Gifts

Here are some unique, affordable and funny stocking stuffer and white elephant gift ideas for everyone on your list. These stocking stuffers were hand-picked by yours truly with inspiration from the editors at Real Simple, Marie Claire and more.

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Classic Fraimz

Fraimz are peel and stick adjustable photo frames. They are simple and...more

Suggested by SkinnyScoop Member

"These are peel and stick adjustable photo frames. The classic series are a great touch to the photo you want to hang out the stainless steel fridge!"

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Give the Gift of Movies

Fandango Gift Cards make the perfect holiday gift for your special...more

Another great last minute pick under $20.

Aly Gutier: great ideas, what i did was buy gifts from It's just $10 and you get random Surprise gifts. On their Facebook page you can see some of the gifts they've sent.

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Burt's Bees Travel Basics

What better way to journey in style than with these popular Burt's...more

Saw this at the store today -- cute packaging featuring products they'll actually use with a bonus cosmetic bag - all for only $15. Great last minute gift!

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Beer Glasses + Mugs

Generously sized glasses and mugs serve up favorite ales, lagers and...more

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Microwavable S'Mores Maker

Progressive International is your source for the widest range of...more

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Microbeam Flashlight Keychain

A tiny light so powerful, it can be seen up to a mile away! ...more

Love gifting this one, bulb lasts forever, is really bright and handy...and only $14!

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Une Bobine: Super bendy phone cable and tripod in one

Tripods do a lot for us, but one thing they've never excelled at is...more

My favorite gift of 2012!

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GummyGoods Soap

GummyGoods Soap might just be the solution to every parents' problem:...more

Suggested by tjusa

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Smartwool Socks

Arch brace holds the sock in place and adds additional support....more

It is now common knowledge that Smart Wool socks are all a necessity in life.

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Personalized Merry Little Ornaments Cube Ornament by Shutterfly

Merry Little Ornaments Cube Ornament by Shutterfly. Make a...more

These are soooooooo adorable and thoughtful, saw them on my friend's tree yesterday and had to share it!

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Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Add some pop to your water with this flavor-infusing water bottle. The...more

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"All Out Of" Magnetic Note Pad

Have you ever wandered blindly at the grocery store, trying to...more

So handy and actually more useful than those grocery apps.

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Quince Body Butters

Quince Body Butters are made with all-natural ingredients & offer...more

Suggested by LCG2012

At $12.99 per 2 oz. jar, these unique body butters are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, at a price that's manageable for any of Santa's Helpers. Check the website for special holiday promotions, too!

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"To My Health" Steel Flask


Decant a double shot of your favorite elixir into this pocket-size...more


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Travel Magnetic Chess Mini-Set

This travel magnetic chess mini-set is easy to carry with you and fun...more

Compact, lightweight, functional and excellent value, only $4!

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Scotch Donut Tape Dispenser

3M Scotch Donut Tape Dispenser - Caramel Brown - 12 mm X 11.4 m at...more

The carb queen in me loves this donut tape dispenser and it's only $4.00!

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Echo "iPhone-Friendly" Touch Gloves

Echo touch gloves are engineered specifically with the new wave of...more

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Mr. Coffee USB Mug Warmer

Keep your favorite mug of coffee, tea or cocoa hot when you want it....more

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5 Minute Shower Coach

Average household could save over $100 a year. Each half rotation of...more

Save water, time and practical as it gets!!

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Twooth Timer

Twooth Timer is the award-winning, mom-invented tooth brushing timer...more

Pair it with the shower timer!

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Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds

JBuds are the perfect companion for your iPod, mp3 player, laptop,...more

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Monkey Suction Toothbrush Holder

This adorable animal toothbrush holder adheres to mirror, tile, glass...more

I love mine! Keeps my brush clean in my toiletry bag and saves space when I travel.

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Owl Flashlight LED + Key Cap

Identify your keys with this adorable owl key cover. LED flashlight at...more

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Monkey Nightlight

Mobi's Tyke Light Wall Mate color changing nightlight stands out from...more

I want this in my stocking!!

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A Cool Mug

Nice ceramic mug from Forme of Italy with the classic and highly...more

$15 - Find a mug with a cool logo, quote or I collect artsy-fartsy museum mugs - pick one that'll impress their co-workers.

Krista: Definitely! I love these alphabet mugs from West Elm:

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One Line A Day Journal

Track the ups and downs of life, day by day with this little memory...more

$12 - A journal for busy people, a line a day is pretty low maintenance! It's a wonderful way to stop and smell the roses - reflect on your personal growth or record a child's everyday moments.

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Chalkboard Door Hanger


Restoration Hardware's Chalkboard Door Hanger:Our clever chalkboard...more

$18 - Great gift for teens, college students, grown-ups with roommates.

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Chic Reusable Grocery Bag

Envirosax® designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly...more

Under $15 - This is my favorite GREEN gift. One year, my husband put all my stocking stuffers in this chic Envirosax Shopper bag and I use it ALL THE TIME. It even folds up nicely, so I keep it in my glove compartment or purse.

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Silly Socks

Live every week like it's Shark Week with a Jaws-dropping pair of...more

$9 - Awesome gift for sharkies, one commenter says: These are a Christmas gift for our outrageously playful CEO son. He will love crossing his legs and exposing these socks when in the presence of other business people who don't take themselves too seriously.

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Ticket Stub Diary

This handy journal is just the ticket for preserving and showing off...more

$10 - I absolutely LOVE this gift, one of my top picks this holiday. I'm pretty sentimental and never have the heart to throw out my concert, show, train tickets when I travel and it ends up in a junk drawer, this is great a better way to preserve memories.

Fawnda Camarillo: oh cool. i put all my concert stubs in the CD cases. but all of those are in storage.

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Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit

Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit is a portable trio of Tweezerman’s top...more

$18 - I love my Tweezerman tweezers and tools, here's a perfect kit to keep in your purse or take on a trip.

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Flexible Tripod

The Joby Gorillapod makes taking digital photos more fun than ever....more

$15 - Perfect for the amateur photographer - attaches to just about anything. No more one-armed shots!

Tricia @cheekyattitude: I love all the gorillapod products - so much fun to wrap them around things and get a level shot on just about any surface.

Krista: Tricia...this is really good to know! Getting level shots is totally one of my issues. I rely heavily on editing and straightening!

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Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Tea Sub - Submarine Tea InfuserThis Tea Sub Infuser makes the ideal...more

$14 - I'm so in love with this Tea Sub!

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Diamond Candles

Every earth friendly all natural candle contains a ring worth up to...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

For just $25 you give a beautiful soy candle and the fun of seeing what is inside. Every candle has a ring valued at $10 to $5000. Kinda like a Cracker Jack box but for women.

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Vacation Countdown Clock

Ah, only five more days till I’m out of this death hole at work and...more

$10 - give them something to look forward to.

Claudia: This is such a cute gift!

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Moleskine Notebook

This reliable travel companion, perfect for calculations, thoughts and...more

$12 - For the office.

Aly Gutier: great ideas, what i did was buy gifts from It's just $10 and you get random Surprise gifts. On their Facebook page you can see some of the gifts they've sent.

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Liquor in a Decorative Bottle

The ultimate raspberry flavored vodka that is like no other! Natural...more

$23, one of Marie Claire's top picks: Being home for the holidays can drive the most cheerful of revelers to drink. What better time to let them start than when they're emptying their stockings on Christmas morning?

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Office Accoutrement

It's the high quality rear view mirror for your computer monitor....more

$10 - This monitor rear view mirror will come in handy and keep 'em out of trouble

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Coffee Table Book

Birthdays hold the keys to the best sex you'll ever have--if only you...more

$12 - Here's a fun, juicy one that will surely be a conversation starter.

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Cow Shaped Soaps, we have ducks, frogs and roosters too...

Suggested by Bale and Twine

Surprise them with a gift that keeps giving, handmade cold process, luxurious soap!

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The GummyGoods Key Chain

Just like their larger, compulsively-squeezable predecessors, the...more

Suggested by tjusa

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"Where I've Been" Scratch Map

We are kinda in love with this. A map of the world begins with all the...more

$25 - this metallic-glazed map allows the adventurer to scratch away the lands that he or she has traveled.

Ticlr: What a great gift for a world traveler!

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A Fun Flask

Satisfyingly smooth stainless steel flask engraved with "Three Sheets...more

Suggested by Krista

$25 - I pretty much love this "three sheets to the wind" flask for $25. Brilliant!

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Crumpled City Maps

Unlike traditional paper maps which can be awkward to deal with, the...more

Suggested by Krista

I love to travel and I'm obsessed with these! The maps are even printed on special technological material that makes them light and 100% waterproof.

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Magnet frames

Suggested by PixiesDidIt!

$8 - They're a perfect way to add a little decor and order to almost every personality type's messy fridge

Larissa: How cute and fun are these?? Thanks for the awesome suggestion, I want a set too.

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When one thinks of gummy bears, we think of a small bag full of nickel...more

$10 - When that little bag of gummy bears just isn't enough.

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MINIS make GREAT (adult) STOCKING STUFFERS. Most are under $5.

All the best brands of Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Scotch, Rum, Bourbon,...more

Suggested by BevMo!

MINIS are tasty and fun and there are dozens to choose from. No one really wants an orange in their stocking. A mini Vodka or Kahlua is way more fun.

Larissa: Agreed, the mini Chambords are fun too (and oh so cute)! Skip the orange this year and opt for fun minis - perfect last-minute gift that they'll surely love.

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Suggested by Katie Holman Hughes

Know someone who likes to stay fit by dancing either at the gym or in front of their TV? These nifty bands go over your tennis shoes and let you twist, turn and spin easily so you can dance on carpet or hardwood floors in shoes you already own! The "perfect stocking stuffer" in Z-life Magazine 2010.

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Block incoming calls to your cellphone with this unique phone...more

$15 - Because true love means turning off your cellphone.

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Quotable Magnet

Good Friends Are Like Stars - Old Saying Quotable B & W Magnets...more

$5 - My favorite feel-good gift - it's like giving them a hug every time they open their fridge.

Krista: I love these! We have one on my fridge that says "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!"

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Music/Live Concert DVD

Music DVDs have a longer shelf life than getting them a movie - get them a DVD of their favorite band or artist, one they'll watch over and over again.

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Zippo Hand Warmer

Stay comfortable with the Zippo hand warmer, the perfect accessory to...more

$12.75 - PERFECT stocking stuffer and one of Art of Manliness' most popular picks: Perfect for the skier or ice fisher or any man who spends a lot of time outside in the coldest climes, the Zippo hand warmer can keep your hands toasty for 12 hours or more.

Claudia: This is perfect for me with my cold hands at the office!

Larissa: Is that a hint? :)

Ticlr: Agreed! I definitely need one of these for the office!

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Travel Essentials Kit

The holidays are a great time of year to buy and save on kits with...more

$25 - Bobbi Brown Classic To Go Palette: Monday to Sunday, this pocket-sized palette has it covered with Bobbi's most timeless, tried-and-true colors for eyes and lips.

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Magazine Subscription

Sometimes there are people on your holiday shopping list that are just...more

Another practical gift that keeps on giving and hopefully they'll think of you every month. Be sure to pick a magazine that offers access to the digital version for their iPad or E-reader.

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Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer via Gizmodo

This is brilliant. The Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer belongs in...more

$10 Perfect stocking stuffer for any beer aficionado.

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Festive iPhone Case

Our very own PDA protection plan in this season's essential prints. In...more

$25 - Give them a fun, attention-grabbing iPhone case they'll use on special occasions.

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Alphabet Letter Paperweights

Chalk it up. Designed by Brooklyn-based chalkboard artist Dana...more

Suggested by Krista

These are totally fun! I'm a sucker for anything alphabet-related and own quite a few "K" objects since anything with "Krista" was impossible to find when I was growing up.

Larissa: Totally fun indeed, goes with my office accoutrement theme.

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Personalized Keychain

This is a very special phrase to me - my mother sang the first part to...more

$9 - Daily feel-good gift.

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"Rebirth" by David Longueay

Suggested by Tiffany Harris

I love to get my history-buff friends books, but sometimes it's hard to find one they haven't read but would still enjoy. This is a perfect pick. It's about how the holocaust impacted the establishment of Israel as a state. I loved it, so it's going under the tree for a couple different people!

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Favorite Candies & Snacks

Under $10 - this one's a no-brainer...but don't forget to fill their stocking with their favorite candies and snacks.

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Tuesday Ten: Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers - Lauren Conrad

You’ve made a list, checked it twice, bought everything on...more

Suggested by Jackie

I am loving the last minute gift ideas listed in this post! Very chic ideas and they are all within the $25 budget :)

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Marie Claire's Cheap Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Get the latest news on entertainment, celebrity news, and lifestyle...more

Lots of great picks that mostly under $30 by the editors of Marie Claire.

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Holiday Gift Guide For the Lady On a Budget via Hello Giggles

Some budget-friendly tips and ideas, my favorite: Digital Mixtape: For about ten bucks, you can get a 8GB jump drive from say, Staples, and pack it full of your favorite MP3s.

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More Magazine's 20 Best Stocking Stuffers for Women

Scrambling for a last-minute gift? Curl up with your computer and some...more

Don't miss stocking stuffer ideas for the Blowout Addict, Spa Devotee, Beauty Junkie and more....

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Real Simple's Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Find affordable stocking stuffers for everyone on your list from our...more

Best picks: Slim Sonic, Victorinox Tomo Knives, L.L. Bean Pocket Day Pack

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Good Housekeeping's DIY Adult Stocking Stuffers

Last-minute, DIY stocking stuffer ideas to fill your loved ones'...more

These coasters are fun and practical.

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Lavender Sachets

12 beautiful 3x4 Lavender sachets, wonderful for weddings, showers or...more

Suggested by CatK

Just $8.50 for a pack of 12 of them. You can stuff a few in a bunch of stockings!

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Hand-Blocked Zipper Case

The go-anywhere bag. These Hand-blocked Zipper Cases (in stripes and...more

Suggested by Krista

I'm apparently on a West Elm kick today, but how cool are these hand-blocked zipper cases? Practical and stylish, they're great for so many purposes!

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BirdProject Soap

BirdProject is creating black, bird shaped glycerin soaps to help fund...more

Suggested by Mallory

Do good, smell good!

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Fast-paced FUN! Watch the Video

There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any 2 cards...more

Suggested by Cindy Powers

Hours of fun in a can for just 12.99 - incredibly addicting!

CatK: This is a great game. We bought it to play with our kids (ages 4 & 6) but I have fun playing it too. I can imagine it being a fun game to play with just adults...especially after a few glasses of wine!

Eden Godsoe: I love all the games from this company. Fun for kids and adults.

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Doodle Phone 4/4S Case

Overview: * Get creative and make your own phone case! * Plain plastic...more

Suggested by Krista

At $24, this iPhone case is the perfect stocking stuffer!

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