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Kate & William: Must-Reads from Around the Web by Larissa

by Larissa, posted to Just for Fun

The Royal Wedding may be over, but I'm still obsessed and combing the web for the latest Kate Middleton & Royal Family photos, stories, sightings and fashion. Here's my cheat sheet of the must-read headlines that you may have missed!

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She's Pregnant! Kate & Prince William Expecting First Child

Prepare for a new royal. ...more

OMG,,, what perfect timing :).

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Happy One-Year Wedding Anniversary, Will and Kate!

April 29, 2011, is the wedding date that will live in infamy—as we...more

Comprehensive timeline of Kate and William's first year together.

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A new addition to William and Kate's household

There had been reports that William planned to give his bride a puppy...more

...the two snuggled as they walked along the edge of the sea with a new, four-legged friend trotting with them along the damp sand.

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Happy Birthday, Kate: 30 facts about the Duchess on her 30th

As the Duchess of Cambridge turns 30, here are 30 facts about Prince...more

Don't miss these fun tid bits, did you know: Kate spent time studying at the British Institute in Florence during a gap year.

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Kate Dons Strapless Black Velvet Dress For Military Awards

It's a long, festive day for Kate Middleton! The Duchess of Cambridge...more

14 photos of Kate in this gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown at the link. Definitely my favorite look of the year!

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Time's Person of the Year Runner-Up: Kate Middleton

Her wedding to prince william captured the gaze and goodwill of...more

My favorite part: As a role model, Kate may prove no Diana. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, for Kate or for the young women tempted to emulate her. Reinvesting celebrity with restraint, preserving silence in a confessional age, making a marriage work, making a royal marriage work — these would be the actions of a true revolutionary.

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PIC: Kate Middleton Rubs Belly as Pregnancy Rumors Continue

First she skips peanut paste, then Prince William's wife draws...more

"Kate would not stop touching her tummy --it was very noticeable. She continually patted it and held her hands against it. She must have been doing it without realizing, and at one point she had both her hands cradling her stomach" sources say.

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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Copenhagen Pic Sparks New Rumors

The Duchess politely avoids peanut paste -- a recommended precaution...more

Hmmm, definitely a possibility: The Palace itself even "went out of their way to stress that she has no nut allergy whatsoever," royal editor for Britain's The Sun told ABC News.

Claudia: How exciting! Maybe she will develop a healthier look with a baby on the way. She's been looking a bit too thing lately. Very interesting about the Peanut fact. I never knew that. That would be a great list on pregnancy!

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Why Do We Care if Kate Middleton Is Pregnant?

On the outset, Canadians maintain our collective independence from...more

I have avoided posting on the topic, but this article has some interesting points.

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Kate Middleton tops another best-dressed list: does she deserve the title?

Kate Middleton has received the top honor on Harper's Bazaar UK's...more

Without a doubt, yes!! I agree: "She gave us the year's—if not the century's—most thrilling fashion moment at the royal wedding, and is shaping up as an amazing ambassador for British designers and the high street." - editor Lucy Yeomans.

Claudia: I saw a lot of people dress up as Kate for Halloween. She's def starting a trend and in the most sophisticated way possible.

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Duchess of Cambridge talks of "terrible crisis" as she plans to follow in Diana's footsteps

The Duchess of Cambridge has disclosed plans to visit famine-hit areas...more

The Duchess said: It’s really just how shocking the situation still is. It has been 100 days and it’s still going on. A huge amount still needs to be done. At the moment hundreds of children are still malnourished.

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Kate and William pack Unicef parcels for East Africa

Sporting what is fast becoming her signature colour, the Duchess of...more

According to the blog 'What Kate Wore', Kate's wearing the LK Bennett Ami coat and Sumner boots.

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Kate Middleton scar: Duchess got hit on the head during a sporting accident

A childhood friend of the Duchess' said: 'She was hit on the head when...more

The accident is likely to have involved being hit on the head by a hockey stick, as Kate was on Malborough School's team and played often. This makes her injury surprisingly similar to the one that left her husband with a 'Harry Potter scar'.

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Kate Middleton Reveals Three-Inch Scar on Forehead

Kate revealed an alarming three-inch long scar on the left side of her...more

Poor Kate...As a child, the Duchess had "a very serious operation," officials told the Daily Mail, but declined to detail the exact surgery or reason for treatment.

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Kate Carries Off Her First Solo Royal Engagement

"She was completely natural, professional and charmed everyone," says...more

Kate was stunning in an aqua Amanda Wakeley gown from her fall/winter 2006-2007 collection

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 'love Downton Abbey'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spend their Sunday evenings watching...more

Kate and I must be soul mates, I love the show too!!! Actress Jessica Brown Findlay - who plays Lady Sybil Crawley said: "They told me that they were huge fans of the show."

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Kate Middleton Stuns in Red at Charity Gala

The Duchess donned a glam scarlet gown in London on Thursday night

The dress is stunning, well done Kate!

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Attend Children's Cancer Center Opening

The royal couple greeted spectators, staff members and donors at the...more

The Duchess, who wore a pale knee-length Amanda Wakeley dress with her favorite LK Bennett nude Sledge heels and Natalie clutch.

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Another Saturday, another wedding for Kate and Pippa Middleton

Pippa, who was attending her sixth wedding of the year, beamed as she...more

What she wore: Kate, 29, dazzled in a stunning mid-length raspberry coloured lace dress by Canadian designer Erdem and 4in L. K. Bennett shoes.

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PETA Takes Aim at Kate Middleton, Prince William—What'd They Do Wrong?

Animal rights campaigners put young royals in their crosshairs,...more

PETA: We understand that Prince William has given a gift of 'game birds' to Prince Harry for his birthday. May I ask you to use your influence on the princes and ask them to reconsider this gift? You are in a unique position to be able to wield con...

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Prince William, Kate Middleton to Open Children's Cancer Center

Prince William is introducing his wife to a charity close to his...more

What Kate has been up to: The opening is part of Kate's ongoing immersion in royal charity work .Palace sources have confirmed that Kate is currently undergoing quiet, private visits to charities to figure out what sorts of causes she will pursue.

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From K Middy to the Duchess: how Kate got the look (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Duchess of Cambridge claims not the have a stylist, but who's...more

Some really loose connections but still worth a look.

Krista: Write a comment

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NY fashion experts say Middleton no trendsetter

She has graced countless magazine covers and dresses sell out hours...more

"Is she a style icon of the likes of a Kate Moss? Absolutely not. Is she in the public eye? Are people going to become obsessed with everything she wears regardless of what it is? Yes," said Elle Fashion News Director Anne Slowey.

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Kate Middleton Inspires ‘RepliKates’: Are You One?

Kate Middleton's style has been hugely influential!

Suggested by Krista

They've coined a new term after the Duchess - "replikates"!

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How to Live Like Kate Middleton

Want to weather the recession with style? Tips on how to satisfy your...more

Best tip: Follow the French. French women don’t overbuy. They purchase the basics and wear them over and over again in a variety of combinations. This isn’t just a fashion tip. It can be applied to whatever is on your list. As long as you’r...

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NEW LIST: Sheer Comeback: Get Legs Like Kate Middleton

Here's my guide to help you find the best nude pantyhose as seen on...more

Bare legs are so 2010, get Kate's look and check out her favorite sheer hoses at the link.

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Duchess Kate is the Ace of Cakes!

Kate and her mom picked up supplies at Kitchen Monger -- and Kate's...more

Another reason to love Kate, she's got style, grace, beauty and she BAKES!! "She bought a rather nice cast iron kitchen roll holder, but mainly she was buying baking trays in a few different shapes," said an observer.

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Anna Dello Russo Thinks Kate Middleton’s Nude Panty Hose Are ‘Avant Garde’

"When she was wearing fleshy nude stockings, that's kind of old...more

Anna Dello Russo, “guest editor at large” for Macy’s INC line, says Kate's "modern, really modern. She’s smart to mix cheap clothes with, like, Alexander McQueen, and small labels — even I don’t know the names sometimes of the brands she’s wearing."

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Kate's Style Felt on the Runways

AS he lounged near a pool in Southampton, N.Y., last month, Wes Gordon...more

Catherine’s style — streamlined and seemly almost to a fault — resonates as well with scores of young women who aspire to a classically patrician look but who have, until recently, had few credible role models.

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The Kate Middleton Effect: Expect More Sleeves On The Runways This Week: Slaves to Fashion

Summer may be high time for exposed flesh, but thanks to Kate...more

Suggested by Krista

Thanks to Kate, being modest is in.

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William And Kate Giving Away Their Wedding Gifts…Or At Least One Of Them!

After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were gifted with a Mountain...more

They donated to the Patterdale team in the Lake District, then gifted the wheels to the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team.

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Kate's Wedding Dress: A Giant Summer Hit

So far, 350,000 have seen her gown in the Palace – and another...more

By the time the exhibit and tour close down on Oct. 3 some 500,000 visitors are expected to have filed by the gown.

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The Queen gives Kate 'priceless' gifts

The Duchess of Cambridge receives 2 silver salvers belonging to the...more

A royal insider says: For Her Majesty to give a present like this from her father is unprecedented, she believes Kate is perfect for William and has invited her to two one-on-one dinners at Balmoral over the autumn.

Eden Godsoe: Talk about an evening I would not look forward to - a one-on-one dinner with Her Majesty / your MIL.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Inspiring Trends From This Season's Celebrity Weddings

Whether it was European royals or reality-TV royalty tying the knot,...more

Suggested by Krista

Kate, Pippa and those FABULOUS Philip Treacy hats...

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Sheer Stockings Royal Comeback

She's done it - Kate has officially brought back pantyhose.

Suggested by Krista

True proof of Kate's power and style icon status - complete with the perfect pantyhose picks!

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Is Anne Hathaway style-jacking Kate Middleton?

Waves of glossy hair, chocolatey doe-eyes, a beaming smile and a white...more

Suggested by Krista

I love both Kate and Anne - they're both graceful, classy and stylish.

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William and Kate Royal Wedding Dolls Are Terrifying

Okay, so we all remember when the Franklin Mint put out the Kate...more

Almost as terrifying as Chucky!

Krista: Eek!

Eden Godsoe: I thumbed up this item only because they made me laugh. In reality, there are a little scary.

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Kate & William LOL at Brit Flick

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spotted in a cinema watching...more

The royal couple, both 29, were said to have been laughing out loud at the British comedy.

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Pippa Middleton & Duchess Kate: Seaside Stroll

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister, Pippa Middleton, go...more

Is it just me, or does Kate look shockingly thin next to Pippa?? What do you think, check out the 10+ pics at the link and 'weigh in'!

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Why it’s time to give Duchess Kate a fashion break

Fashion and shopping blogger Emma Iannarilli on why it’s time to...more

Agreed, this is why we love Kate: Kate always appears elegant, occasion-appropriate and well groomed, but without appearing fashion crazy. She is not a fashion-plate, she is a Duchess.

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William & Kate Visit Area Hit by Riots

"We couldn't believe it was happening in Britain," Kate said of...more

Watch the video of their visit:

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Kate's Nude Stockings: Rachel Zoe Weighs In!

Duchess Catherine and Pippa Middleton are fans of nude pantyhose, and...more

I think they’re OK if Kate Middleton is wearing them,” Zoe told “I think Kate Middleton can actually do no wrong right now. I actually kind of die for her."

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Fall fashion trends: Pantyhose could be in for a new run thanks to Duchess of Cambridge


Just about everything that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, turns up...more

People are still talking about Kate Middleton's pantyhose, according to a recent survey: 36 percent agreed with the statement "Kate looks so good in hose I may start wearing them." Will you wear them this fall?

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Mentioning Kate Middleton Is a Quick Way for Celebrities and Designers to Get Their Names in the News

Since the royal wedding, and especially since Kate Middleton has taken...more

Best quote: "She is not a style icon. She is so much more. She is so sure of who she is, and should never let go of that." - Diane Von Furstenberg

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Anne Hathaway 'grateful' to Kate Middleton

Vivienne Westwood may have called Kate Middleton "ordinary" this week...more

Anne calls Kate's ladylike wardrobe inspiring: I'm just very grateful to Mate Middleton for making looking appropriate really fun again

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Magazine admits to digitally slimming Kate Middleton in cover picture

She is already famously very slim. So when Grazia appeared to have...more

And people wonder why many women have eating disorders.

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[GALLERY] Kate Middleton's Amazing Fashion Evolution

Wearing everything from sleek wrap dresses to those inescapable royal...more

65 incredible photos of Kate

Krista: Awesome link - beautiful images.

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Vivienne Westwood Doesn’t Like Kate Middleton’s Eyeliner or Normal-Person Clothes

"I think she's got a problem with eye make-up!" she declares about the...more

Vivienne looks like a witch, she's not one to talk!

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Kate Middleton’s Style Catches On

After the Duchess of Cambridge’s North American visit, there has...more

Over all, the duchess has been praised for projecting a youthful freshness without being remotely bare, for wearing the work of a number of London designers who are little known in the United States, and for not appearing extravagant since she wears the same jeans on several occasions and frequently mixes in pieces from lower-price lines like Reiss and Whistles.

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Are Her Pantyhose Practical Or A Fashion Faux Pas? Vote now!

LindsayandErik: Silky Pantyhose are always worthy. Classy, feminine, beautiful & sexy. Zooey, Lindsay, Kate, Lady, Kylie, ... great Legs are always shown off best in alluring silks!

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10 things that might surprise you about William and Kate

From Andrew Morton's new book William & Catherine: Their Story...

'Naughtiest' tidbit I've come across: "During her estrangement from William in 2007, Kate wore bunny ears at a party to promote a sex toy called the "Rampant Rabbit."

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Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Trip: 7 Things We Learned

On their first overseas visit as a royal couple, the Duke and Duchess...more

Sweet tidbit + more at the link: Prince William rarely talks publicly about his mother's death in a Paris car crash in 1997. But days after what would have been Princess Diana's 50th birthday, he shared with three Canadian sisters...

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VOGUE: Tour de Force: Why the World Is Falling in Love with the Duchess of Cambridge’s Style

The Duchess of Cambridge came, she saw, and she conquered North...more

She’s the rare creature whose look appeals to men, women, and the fashion industry alike.

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Kate & William Go On Movie Date and see ‘Bridesmaids’

William took a break from his Royal Air Force training on Saturday to...more

William was keen on seeing the action-packed sci-fi film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but according to one Welsh source, matrimonially-minded Kate was eager to see the comedy Bridesmaids," also see tweets from locals who spotted the couple at the link

SkinnyScoop Member: Would have loved to be in the theater with them, I've never heard Kate LOL

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Julie Chen: When I Met William and Kate

No stranger to meeting people from all walks of life in her role as...more

My husband and I were literally at the table right behind them, and whenever someone would go on stage to say, "And tonight, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge," I had a perfect view of Kate turning to look at William. She would smile and give a little giggle and they would look into each other's eyes as if to say, "Hey, that's us!" – like, it was exciting for both of them to be referred to as that. That was very sweet.

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Royals, Unscripted: Overheard During William & Kate's Cali Visit

During their whirlwind three-day tour, Kate and Prince William saw red...more

Some great quotes at the link including this one: "What the heck is that?" Prince William asked his bride of her painting.

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[Photos] Prince William and Kate Celebrate the Queen

It may have been the Queen's Official Birthday but all eyes were on...more

"I think people have taken her to their hearts because she seems so genuine." - said a Royal watcher

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Their 'perfect home' at Kensington Palace

PRINCE William and his new bride have set up home in a little cottage...more

According to insiders, “Kate had little say in her marital home,” said a friend. “But the only time she’s put her foot down was when it came to interior design.”

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Kate Middleton Wears Same Dress as Madonna!

The Duchess of Cambridge dons the same Stella McCartney frock worn by...more

Both were in a salmon-pink satin dress by British designer (and rock scion) Stella McCartney. Who Wore It Better?

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Kate Middleton: Wedding 'ordeal' led to weight loss

The Duchess of Cambridge's friend, the designer Anya Hindmarch, says...more

I know her a bit and she’s a naturally healthy girl,” she says. “She does a lot of exercise and no wonder she lost weight around the wedding — it’s quite an ordeal to go through."

Kate: Despite the weight loss, she seems to handle the stress well! I, on the other hand, am a stress eater :(

Larissa: Yea, poor girl

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[Gallery] Kate vs Pippa Style-Off!

They’ve always been the best of friends, but certainly when it comes...more

Who's your pick - the Duchess or Pippa??

Kate: Hmm, it's a toss up for me, but I probably gravitate more towards Kate - she's definitely my #1 celeb style icon.

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Kate's 2008 Wimbledon Thank You Note Revealed

Kate wrote: "Thank you for your kind hospitality at Wimbledon last...more

"I really was not expecting to be looked after with such hospitality and I certainly wasn't expecting to see any of the centre court games." She is so gracious and classy,, this note made me love her that much more!

Eden Godsoe: Agreed. So classy & humble. I hope she will always stay that way.

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Video: Will and Kate mark Armed Forces Day

The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge have awarded medals to soldiers...more

Watch this extended video of their visit.

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Photo Gallery: Kate and the Guards

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his wife the Duchess of...more

20+ close-up photos of Kate at the link, this was the most comprehensive gallery I found.

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Kate’s bracelet was a wedding gift from Camilla!

The bracelet’s charm has both Kate and Camilla’s monograms (one on each side) - Kate’s with an extra curl and Camilla’s surrounded by a circle, both under a coronet.

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Poll: Is Kate Middleton too thin?

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Vote yes/no in this SkinnyScoop poll and see what other women think.

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So True? So False? Is Kate Middleton Really Allergic to Horses?!

Rumors have abounded for months that Prince William's better half...more

So is Kate really allergic to horses? Saddle up, because this rumor is…So false!

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Prince William's Birthday: Duke Turns 29, Plans To Be At Work (PHOTOS, POLL)

A very special, HuffPost Style Happy Birthday goes out to Prince...more

Happy 29th Prince William,y ou finally caught up to Kate. Don't miss the HuffPosts's collection of photos of Will through the years at the link.

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Kate to 'get to know Queen'

She has been shooting at Sandringham, graced the balcony of Buckingham...more

Kate has never had an invitation before to stay at Balmoral - but she is family now and The Queen wants to get to know her… The Queen needs to present Kate to Scotland. The time has come.

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[Photos] Duchess Kate Dazzles

Larissa's collection of the best Kate Middleton photos

My favorite photos of Kate all in one place!!!!!! Updated regularly.

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William and Kate's Glamorous Night Out

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a dazzling entrance at a...more

The Duchess pulled out all the stops for this evening's glamorous event - 10+ more amazing photos at the link...

Eden Godsoe: They really seem like a great couple on all fronts. I truly hope this marriage lasts and they are both happy.

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Royally Screwed: Kate's Phone Was Hacked!

As for Middleton, her victimization isn't super recent, but reportedly...more

In addition to having her voice mails hacked into, her bank account was also said to have been accessed.

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Kate Middleton sparkled, Princes William and Harry looked dapper

Newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were all smiles today as...more

Love their hats, do you prefer Kate's hair up or down? More gorgeous photos at the link - the Daily has the best photos!!

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Never-before-seen photograph of Wills and Kate shows their excitement at engagement

In this never-before-seen photograph, the Duke and Duchess of...more

Awww, they look so happy!

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Web Study Says Pippa More Popular Than Kate

Pippa became the most talked about Middleton in the media this week,...more

Uh hello, Kate's been MIA on her honeymoon for the last 10 days: Kate's name has appeared in papers and on TV significantly less over the weeks.

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Is Kate Too Thin?

Catherine Middleton looked slimmer than ever when she met the Obamas...more

She does look a little gaunt and has aged a bit, think she has taken dieting too far?

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Kate's funny faces


6 favorite picture of Kate’s funny faces requested byanonymous

Suggested by FavePages Team

Fun, candid shots of the Duchess.

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Kate & William are given rare aphrodisiac 'love nut' as honeymoon gift

The newlyweds capped their honeymoon in paradise with a special...more

The love nut resembles a pair of female buttocks - close-up at the link

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Get Kate's Look

Newly-weds Prince William and Kate Middleton have made their first...more

Kate's bandage ‘Shola’ dress is already flying off the shelves, the official Reiss website is down due to the demand.

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William & Kate Welcome Obamas to the U.K.

In their first royal duty since their wedding on April 29, the Duke...more

...the meeting was held so they could trade talk of William and Kate's upcoming tour of the U.S...and, it is believed, they chatted about the couple's wedding. The Duchess wore a $280 dress by Reiss.

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Prince William, Kate Met Sharks, Baby Turtles on Honeymoon

England's future King and Queen in the wild, wild kingdom!...more

Precious..."During scuba diving expeditions, the duo checked out coral, sea turtles, giant stingrays -- and sharks!"

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Kate Middleton will emulate Princess Diana, says Prince William's friend

Prince William’s friend Thomas van Straubenzee says Kate...more

I believe it: “In all the time I have known Kate, I have never seen her get flustered. She is so serene; she has an inner calm.”

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Inside Kate Middleton's very modest childhood home

Welcome to West View, Bradfield Southend, Berkshire — the...more

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[Photos] Chelsy Davy vs. Pippa Middleton

Prince Harry smiled at one during the ceremony and sat with the other...more

Chelsy's tired looking, my vote's for Pippa all the way!!

Eden Godsoe: Love all the Pippa hype. But what does this girl do besides look hot & jet set?

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Kate Moss Raves About ‘Chic’ Bride Kate Middleton

Kate Moss Hearts Kate Middleton

"Oh I love her! She was so chic and seamless. And just beautiful, it was just as a royal wedding should be." - the other Kate

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Andrew Morton: Diana 'Would Have Been Jealous of Kate'

Andrew Morton, author of William & Catherine: Their Story, thinks...more

"Diana loved to be in the limelight," Andrew said. "And for once, she would be in the shadows." Andrew added that by now Diana would have been almost 50 years old and passing the "fashion baton" to her new daughter-in-law, further distancing herself from the spotlight.

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Bidding on Princess Beatrice’s Hat Surpasses $26,000

The most enduring memory from the royal wedding of Prince William and...more

"When my hat started getting so much publicity I really wanted to put it to the best possible use and try and raise some money for the children they help," Beatrice said

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Kate won over William as his 'slave' ‎

She first captivated her prince when she strutted down the catwalk in...more

In reality, Kate Middleton had won Prince William’s affections months earlier when he paid £200 for her during a ‘slave’ auction at a Harry Potter-themed party.

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Pippa Middleton Parties in Spain with Ex-Boyfriend

With her current beau Alex Loudon in London, the tabloid favorite...more

Pippa, who's been dubbed P-Middy by British tabloids, spent her weekend in Spain with her old boyfriend – and former roommate at University of Edinburgh

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Pressure's On Kate To Produce An Heir (And A Spare)

Weddings are about the future. So it's worth contemplating what Kate...more

Added to Your List

Weigh in and share your thoughts - should they start trying now?

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[Photo] Disney's Cinderella & the Royal Wedding

Have you seen this Cinderella & Royal Wedding comparison?

Too funny

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Harry to girlfriend: ‘You’re next’

Prince Harry has Britain salivating at the prospect of another royal...more

Wonder if this actually happened: "Harry approached Chelsy following his best man’s speech, put an arm around her, and whispered in her ear. Chelsy responded with delight and kissed him, before telling female friends at her table what he had said."

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Paparazzi debate flares over royal bridesmaid pics

There's a brewing legal battle over publication of 5-year-old...more

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Pippa Middleton: Kate's sister sets to make a splash

Her dazzling appearance on William and Kate's big day has brought the...more

She intends to capitalise on her new public profile – by starting her own party planning business.

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[Poll] Are you more like Kate or Pippa?

Take the poll: Tell us which Royal sister you identify with

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Royal honeymoon: William and Kate head to 'Seychelles'

Since the happy couple made their vows at Westminster Abbey, the world...more

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Fergie's royal wedding snub: 'I felt so totally worthless'

Sarah Ferguson was hardly a party pooper when it came to last month's...more

Ferguson admitted to Winfrey that she knew she "ostracized" herself by her "behavior, by the past, by living with all the regrets of my mistakes."

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Are Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Back On?

While the press has been anxiously pining for Prince Harry to sync up...more

You go girl: "...the South African-beauty has allegedly said that a life of royalty isn't in the cards, as she wants to focus on her law career."

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Kate Middleton heads down the aisle again as she goes supermarket shopping

The Duchess of Cambridge popped down to her local Waitrose supermarket...more

How precious is she??? "She loaded all the shopping into her car on her own, then skipped as she ran the trolley back to the park,"

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Eyes on honeymoon after British royal wedding joy

Britain's Prince William and his new bride reveal their honeymoon...more

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SOLD OUT! Kate's Wedding Day Fragance

Little-known brand also championed by Michelle Obama set to go stellar...more

That's bananas..."Every one of the 50ml bottles in stock was sold within moments of the news breaking, and a two week waiting list has formed."

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Kate Middleton Wears $90 Zara Dress Day After Wedding

She stunned in a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown at her royal...more

Love the color, wish I could see the sleeves and neckline.

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Royal wedding speech: Harry pays tribute to William 'the dude'

Prince Harry paid a moving tribute to his brother ‘The Dude’ and...more

‘William didn’t have a romantic bone in his body before he met Kate, so I knew it was serious when William suddenly started cooing down the phone at Kate.’

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Prince Harry's quick thinking produces smiles for royal wedding snaps

Prince Harry kept one of the younger bridesmaids smiling during the...more

Again,, precious: She loved the toy so much, she refused to give it back and was even clutching it when the official wedding portraits were taken by photographer Hugo Burnand.

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[Poll] Would you trade places with Kate?

Best answer..."So tempting in so many ways, but man the lack of privacy and the intense scrutiny on my every move would be a drag. She will never have any real privacy again, for the rest of her life, even if she divorces William."

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Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Manicure: Essie and Bourjois Nail Polish

The bride is said to have been sporting a special mixture of...more

"...the bride is said to have been sporting a special mixture of "off-white and bridal" nail shades including Bourjois No. 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure"

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Prince William and Kate Middleton honor Diana’s memory

Find the latest blog posts on the British Royal Wedding from our...more

He is his mother’s son.

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Best Dressed in 2011: Kate Middleton via

Suggested by Krista

It's no surprise Kate topped the best dressed list in 2011. People has gorgeous snapshots of her best outfits.

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