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Must-Have Holiday Shopping Apps by Larissa

by Larissa, posted to Style

Here are the best holiday apps to help organize your holiday shopping, track your spending, and find the best deals - including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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SaleQ provides a convenient way to calculate the final price of an...more

My husband teases me for using this app, but it's really handy when I'm shopping! It's such a pain figuring out the final sale price of an item is, especially when there's an additional savings on top of it, also calculates taxes too - LOVE.

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Shopping from home is so much better than braving the crowds. What...more

Michelle handpicks the best retailer apps from the Gap, Zappos, and more. Check it out!

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Is there a sweet spot between giving yourself enough time to...more

Babble's shopping tips, avoid Back Friday: The really good lost-leader deals are often limited to a small number of customers. These offers are simply there to lure shoppers into the stores, where you'll hopefully overspend in a Black Friday frenzy.

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Snapette, Pose, Poshmark...I've seen all of these apps on some of my...more

Here are the best style apps for finding the perfect holiday outfit (and reindeer sweater)!

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Suggested by Jeff Deville

WishGenies is an eHarmony for gift recommendations. We send recommendations from members with the same interests as your recipient!

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During this crazy, chaotic time we call the holiday season, technology...more

Some solid app recommendations here, includes my personal favorite Photogram, Tripit to survive holiday travel, check it out at the link.

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Worried about losing track of the best deals and getting flustered as...more

Suggested by Money Crashers

Black Friday Ads is an awesome app that allows you to organize all the ads for stores in your area in one single place: your phone. Forget trying to keep track of all the sales & deals. This app will ensure you're getting the best bang for your b...

Larissa: Love this list and will check out the Santa's Helper App. Would love to see your holiday tips, you should create your own list and embed it on MoneyCrashers. Also be sure to add to this Black Friday list

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SAVE: dealnews Black Friday App

Suggested by ML3883

Browse "leaked" ads from over 60 major retailers. Keep up-to-date on deals that are as good as, or better than, the best deals on Black Friday.

SaleLocator is a free app and search engine that helps consumers find...more

Suggested by Meggan Finisecy Manson

Shoppers can use SaleLocator to find and sort sales by location, keyword, category or through special holiday tabs, e.g., Black Friday, Christmas. Sale items, expiration dates, merchant contact info, maps and driving directions are available.

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Robb Report Host Guide 2011

Robb Report, the definitive luxury lifestyle brand, invites you and...more

Suggested by Andrea Delesdernier

Interact, share and shop with direct purchase options. Features include a virtual wine cellar, cocktail recipes complete with video demonstrations by master mixologists, a selection of the world’s finest and rarest spirits, and much more.

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The world's largest source of information about the health, social and...more

Suggested by GoodGuide

The app makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products, instantly delivering the information you need, when you need it most — in a store and on the go.

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Givvy - Social Gifting Application

Givvy is a social shopping app that helps users discover, share and...more

Suggested by Claudio Miranda

Givvy is incredibly useful for finding and sharing amazing gifts with your Facebook friends!

Larissa: As the "purveyor of Thoughtful Gifts", this app is right up my alley. I'll play with it this week and promote if it's list worthy. Congrats on the product launch btw, impressed that you handle: design, marketing, accounting, merchandising, legal, and PR - go Claudio!

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App Store - How To Tie a Bow

Not the full Show Me Decorating app but everyone should know how to...more

Suggested by William McCraney

When going out an buying ribbon it can be hard to find quality & the right quantity for the Christmas tree. With a yardage calculator, tips on the type of ribbon to look for & pictures of ribbon to go with themes it makes shopping os much easier!

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App Store - Show Me Decorating

"This was so helpful! I turned a really sad tree into a fun and...more

Suggested by William McCraney

Check out the recipe list! It changes based on the theme you choose! With recommendations on what to look for (and how much) in the store for the tree, ribbons, florals, balls & decorative ornaments in each step it helps you become a better shopper!

Beckymccraney: This app shows you step by step how to decorate your biggest Christmas decoration the Christmas Tree! and you know what to buy and how much!

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 Great list of apps!