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Pucker Up! To Our Top 5 List of Kissable Lip Balms by eFlirt Expert

by eFlirt Expert, posted to Beauty

There are many different body languages of a kiss, but to ensure the perfect one, start with the basics: your pucker! Cracked, jacked, or painful, it all begins with the lips. Here are our favorite five lip balms to ensure smooth sailing ... and blis

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Shine On! Tinted Lip Salve

This ultra-glossy, smoothing tinted lip salve hydrates, protects and...more

It's mint flavored! Perfect for kissing and subtle on shine so your lips still look kissable — perfect for that first date.

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Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

Giving your pucker that just-kissed hue and a baby soft touch, this is one of Laurie's go-to's for date night. The biggest bonus is that when he goes in for the kiss, it will feel natural not sticky!

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Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip

This tinted lip balm makes your lips feel fab and non-greasy. The color is a bit more saturated than some other brands which is perfect for date night. It won't rub off on him but you'll look cute until you lock lips!

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MAC Lip Conditioner

When it comes to color and application, expect a MAC artist to know the basics — a smooth, moisturized lip guarantees perfect lipstick application. Known for their Russian Red lipstick and creating the bombshell pout, it's no surprise MAC artists carry this lip conditioner in their makeup cases.

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Victoria’s Secret VS PRO Moisture FX Softening Lip Balm

Leave it to the VS Angels to come up with a one-two punch that will get the moisture pumping to your pucker. The exfoliation + lip balm combination will scrub away those dry, chapped lips. Exfoliate twice a week, then top with the lip balm for runway-ready pouts.

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Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

A kiss of colour and pearlized shine add a hint of glamour to our...more

Suggested by Sarah Reid

It's soothing and pretty! Highly recommend Papaya and Rhubarb for a hint of colour.

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Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Gloss

A fan favorite from our youth, the Bonne Bell Lip Smacker lip gloss holds true no matter your age. Great flavor and a hint of shine, this gloss will give you that just-kissed appeal while guaranteeing your lips are ready for the lean in.

Eden Godsoe: When I was in grade school we used to collect Bonne Bell lip smackers and trade them. That kinda sounds gross now but there was quite a market for Root Beer and other special flavors!

eFlirt Expert: Ha, I remember that Eden!

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The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter

The Body Shop is notorious for their body butter, offering sumptuous flavors that leave your skin smooth and smelling luxurious. So why not try out their lip butter? With rich flavors and creamy consistency, their shea lip balm is packed with vitamin E to pamper your pucker.

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Blistex Lip Medex

My personal go-to for a cooling effect once applied, this drugstore secret of mine is from the maker’s of Blistex. Known for their chapped lips quick-fix in a little blue pot full of a big cooling impact, Lip Medex is perfect for immediate relief and it's also tint-free. Check it out, gentlemen!

Eden Godsoe: I've been using Blistex forever. Love it!

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 Love The "Red Dahlia" Tinted Lip Balm too..So many Great Colors

Sarah Reid:

 Burt's Bees is my favourite - I use the Rhubarb, Papaya and Radiance and they're awesome!