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12 Must Have Products For Busy Moms! by Marcy

by Marcy, posted to Parenting

As a mom of three little ones who is also running her own business, I'm always searching for clever products that will make my life easier and save me time. This is my list of "must haves" that I simply can't live without. Hope you find them as helpful as I do!

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Scratchproof, Shatter Resistant, Kid Proof! Instant Mirror Technology...more

With three shattered cell phone screens in our house just this year, this is a must have for me! Protects my screen from my kids (and me!) and gives me an instant mirror when I'm on the go. I use the mirror countless times a day!

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SmartShopper Grocery-List Organizer

Introducing the new SmartShopper designer model #SS-301, with improved...more

Genius! It sits on our kitchen counter and lets our whole family add to the weekly grocery list. Just press 'record,' say the name of the item and the built-in voice recognition software takes care the rest. When I leave for the store, I hit “print” and my grocery list is ready to go!

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Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Chill wine from the inside. Corkcicle is an easy way to chill wine...more

Chills wine from the inside out so you can have a nice cold glass of wine without the ice bucket. Perfect at the park, the beach or on the soccer field. God knows we moms deserve it!

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Mr. Clean Erase and Renew Magic Eraser, Original, 2-Count

Brighten up your home by helping to renew its surfaces. Mr. Clean...more

They don’t call it magic for nothing! A mom’s secret weapon, it magically erases fingerprints, grim and dirt in seconds so company will THINK your house is always this clean! Amazing on walls, but also great on soap scum and dishes with baked on food. Every mom should have a lifetime supply!

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IPhone Reminders App

Truly my right hand in my quest to keep my sanity as a mom! Whenever a “to-do” pops into my head, I immediately enter it in my iPhone Reminders! I can’t even remember my why I walked into a room, much less when to pick my kids up from soccer!

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Put the Doorganizer on your door and your valuables in your pocket...

This is so simple, but an absolute must-have! It saves me serious time when I’m running out the door, which is almost always! It hangs on the door to our garage, and has a spot for car keys, sunglasses and iPhone. I also put anything and everything in it that needs to be taken out, like the mail.

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Zip It Bedding

Talk about an invention that makes a mom’s life easier! This zippered bedding all but makes itself! Even your youngest child, can make or change his bed himself! If he can zip a zipper, his can make his bed! I love telling my kids to go zip their beds!

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Melaleuca Sol-U-Mel® 3-in-1 Cleaner -Original Scent

Whether it's on your furniture, your carpet, your clothes, or...more

A must-have for battling a mom’s worst enemy—The SHARPIE! Gets out anything...even nail polish and gum...and won’t harm the surface underneath. Must have been invented by a mom!

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Second Wind Battery Charger

A favorite family product of ours! It recharges any regular AA or AAA alkaline batteries. We go through batteries like crazy around our house—especially in our remote controls. When the batteries get low, we just pop them into the charger and within 90 minutes they’re completely recharged!

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Orbit Labels

The perfect solution for labeling cups, bottles, sippy cups, snack containers or toiletry items. No more "permanent" markers that wash away in the dishwasher. No more sticky labels that fade, peel, or leave sticky residue. Dishwasher and microwave safe—they last forever! Definite must have!

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Madame Paulette’s Professional Stain Remover Kit

If it’s good enough for Oprah and Martha Stewart, it’s good enough for us moms! The stain removing cloths work miracles on the hardest stains and are safe for even the finest fabrics. Keep a package in your purse for a quick fix for those unexpected these!

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The Style and Go Hair Care Valet

No more clutter, no more cords...lots more bathroom storage space....more

Because every mom needs extra time in the morning! And we can all use a sense of organization and serenity in the one room that is our private sanctuary...the bathroom! This wall mounted cabinet has a built in power source so you can use your hair appliances from the same place you store them—no more waiting for your appliances to cool off before you unplug them, wrap up their cords and shove them into overstuffed drawers and cabinets—just press the power button, close the door and your off!

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Shemergency Survival Kit

For all the beauty blunders, fashion faux pas, and personal care predicaments that us busy moms deal with day in and day out. Comes packed with 24 compact solutions for mom's little emergencies. Keep one in your purse and one in your car!

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shelly vercruse:

 Great ideas...very helpful!