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5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the DIY Girl by Melissa

by Melissa, posted to Gifts

Keep it simple this year with easy DIY gifts that will speak to dad's heart and stomach!

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Embroidered Bow Tie Cards

This easy embroidered card craft is a cute way to say happy Father's...more

Dad will love the thought and creativity behind this homemade card!

Eden Godsoe: These are so cute and something even an uncrafty mom like me could help her children create. They would look great framed together or in matching frames for the office.

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Chili in a Jar

Decorate an old mason jar and layer it with the ingredients in dad's...more

There's no way dad's tummy won't appreciate this gift!

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Chocolate Covered Bacon

What guy doesn't love bacon?! Try this salty, sweet addition to your...more

You'll really speak to dad's stomach if you whip this up for Father's Day breakfast!

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Nut Mix in a Jar

If your dad is a baseball fan, I'm sure he loves to watch the game...more

Whether your pop is a mustachioed mountain man or a beer guzzling baseball fan, he’s sure to enjoy this gift!

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Homemade Flavored Sugar

Add some spice or extra sweetness to dad's morning coffee with this...more

Dad will love this sweet treat in his coffee!

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