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Valentine's Day Cupcakes to Tempt Your Sweet by Melissa

by Melissa, posted to Holidays

No matter your baking skills, we've got 6 cupcake recipes for Valentine's Day guaranteed to sweeten up your celebration.

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Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes

Decadent, sweet and slightly gooey, skip the box of chocolates and...more

Krissy takes the best of two desserts - souffle and cupcakes - to make one of the most mouthwatering cupcakes we've ever tried.

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Red Wine Cupcakes

For the REAL grown ups out there, this cupcake is the ultimate treat....more

It's simple, sweet, yet savory, and such a romantic treat to celebrate Valentine's Day with. Guys and gals appreciate the flavors equally - which is no easy feat!

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Pink & Red Sprinkles Cupcake

Basic cupcakes get a swirly makeover by folding in some festively...more

From the youngest of children to oldest of adults, this cupcake is sure to help make Valentine's Day an extra special celebration thanks to it's festive colors and sweet taste.

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Raspberry Rosewater Cupcakes

We love this sweet treat and plan to make a batch to give away to our...more

There are plenty of decadent Valentine's Day desserts out there, but this cupcake is light and airy. Plus, we just ADORE the fluffy pink frosting delicately topped with a bright red berry - perfection for Valentine's Day!

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Lavender Blueberry Cupcakes

Who said Valentine's Day cupcakes had to be red? Top bright blue and...more

Guys aren't as sweet lovin' as us ladies, but they won't be able to pass this cupcake up since it's full of deep fruit flavors. And did you know? Lavender is a known aphrodisiac!

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Berry Chocolaty Cupcakes

Boxed chocolate cupcakes topped with a berry cream cheese frosting -...more

They're easy and tasty. Nothing fancy about they look, but boy, do they taste GREAT!

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