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The Paleo Starter Kit by Melissa Guitron

by Melissa Guitron, posted to Food & Drink

Just beginning the transition into the Paleo Diet? These must haves will get you on the right track and help keep you there!

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The Paleo Recipe Book (eBook)

Over 370 dead simple Paleo recipes that will guarantee you success and...more

Suggested by Erin

Easy to download eBook with recipes. The whole website is pretty great too (the

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The Number 1 Cookbook

Hands down the best Paleo Cookbook. Their stuffed peppers and infamous bacon chocolate chip cookies alone make the book worth buying.

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The Busy Mom's Best Friend

Every Paleo chef needs one of these guys, simple amazing meals without spending the whole evening in the kitchen

Claudia: Love it!

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Creative Cooking Ideas


Chalked full of amazing recipes for the Dino Chow eating Paleo friend of yours. I have been following Melissa's blog for a year now and yet have come across a recipe I did not love!

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Penzey's Spices in Menlo Park has the best selection of spices, seasonings and herbs in the area. No matter what crazy thing your recipe calls for you will be able to find it at Penzey's

Claudia: Love this! I'm into new spices :)

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Food for Thought

Support and eat grass-fed local meat, PERIOD.

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For the Love of Bacon


Nom Nom Paleo, the place to go for your Paleo Pride Shirts. They come in adult and children sizes, what is cuter than a five year old wearing a Paleo shirt???

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Cupcakes for Breakfast

Breakfast in my household comes in the shape of the amazing egg cupcake. One of the first Paleo breakfasts I ever made and still my favorite.

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The Gift that Gives Back

Steve's PaleoKits and PaleoKrunch are the perfect snack or meal for those days when you're running out the door and don't have time to think about food. All natural and Zone approved these guys are a must! 15% off all the proceeds go to Steve's Club, Steve's non-profit organization that brings CrossFit to At-Risk Youth.

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Steve’s Original | Everyday Paleo

I am not a blogger who typically blogs about products because...more

Suggested by Erin

I haven't tried these, but love this blog and sound like a great rec. Could even work as a stocking stuffer?

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Paleo Comfort Foods: Homestyle Cooking for a Gluten-Free Kitchen [Paperback]

"Paleo Comfort Foods bridges the gap between traditional cookbooks and...more

Suggested by Larissa

Saw this at the bookstore the other day - lots of yummy, mouth-watering recipes!

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