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Outside the Egg: Grab and Go Paleo Breakfast Ideas by Melissa Guitron

by Melissa Guitron, posted to Food & Drink

Because sometimes we just don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast.

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Suggested by Krista

I love this article on Balanced Bites, it shares 15 more "outside of the egg" Paleo breakfast ideas.

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Paleo Trail Mix

Everything Nom Nom Paleo post is gold, period.

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Nuts for Nuts Cookies

You can make a big batch and be set for the whole week. Give them to the kids for snack, grab two and add a protein source and you've got breakfast. I am all about less thought and hassle when it comes to my midday snacks.

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Rainy Day Comfort

If you are watching your sugar intake I wouldn't recommend making these every day but they are an amazing treat and a great dessert option for kids.

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Tropical Macaroons

Craving something sweet? Made with coconut oil and pineapple, these...more

For a balenced breakfast pair with a few slices of deli meat and you are set!

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Cinnamon Breakfast Bread

This recipe is great for when you're in a rush in the morning during...more

The texture of these bars are amazing. Make them when you are having friends over for brunch and they won't ever realize you've just fed them something healthy.

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Granola without the Grains and Oats

Cutting cereal out of your morning routine can be tough, this Paleo Crunch makes the process a little bit easier

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Nuts and Seeds Bird Bars

These bars are quick and easy to make. Bake a batch Sunday and you will be set for the week. Just prepack them in individual bags so you can grab them as you fly out the door Monday morning

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Simple Mills Muffin Mixes

Simple Mills almond flour muffin mixes are a favorite in our house -...more

Suggested by MaryJames

Easy to make, nutritious, paleo-friendly, and delicious!

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