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Favourite Hairstyles for Spring/Summer by Mila - The Fashion Cavern

by Mila - The Fashion Cavern, posted to Style

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Medium bob with bangs

Another kind of bob that will make anyone look good, especially on spring or summer, is this one. Again, natural waves are the best, and a darker colour paired with bangs makes you look younger.

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Medium-Short wavy ombre hair

Ombre hair screams summer! The best way to have it it's with a long bob, no bangs, a side part and big natural waves. So boho chic style!

Eden Godsoe: My "get out of bed with 5 minutes to get ready" and "only see the hairdresser 2x per year" routine means my dirty blond wavy hair most resembles this look. Now I can position it as intentional and stylish!

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The Alexander Wang long side braid

If you have long hair this is the perfect hairstyle for spring and summer: it keeps you fresh and cool, it's messy so very easy to do and you can also sleep in it if you're lazy!

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Long, middle parted bangs with big natural waves

Perfect if you're growing out your bangs and don't know how to deal with it, or also if you do have bangs but can't handle the heat on your forehead when it's hot!

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