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mishshell creations by mishshell

by mishshell, posted to Style

My jewelry influenced by the Bohemian...Romantic...Simple...Sta tements

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Bohemian locket necklace- Boho- Bohemian Jewelry- Gift- Flower Necklace

18 inch brass chain. Need shorter let me know :) small and...more

Adding new items to my shop after being on a jewelry or anything creative making hiatus..

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Turquoise Sakura Flower Earrings & Vintage White Bead by mishshell

Turquoise Sakura flower earrings adorned with vintage white bead ...more

New Sakura Earrings, different colors avail.

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Gold hoop and blue faceted glass earrings by mishshell on Etsy

Matte Rhodium plated textured simple ring earrings adorned with blue...more

Blue and gold.. i love this combo color.

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Fuchsia and Gold Earrings by mishshell on Etsy

Fuchsia Jade hung from Matte gold plated small bubbled pendant 2.5...more

Simple drops.

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My creations

2.5 inch drop from handwired gold plated earwire. Your jewelry...more

Gold Crochet Star & Fire Cherry Quartz

CatK: My favorites on your list.

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My creations

Beautiful long vintage brass earring drop. A little over 3 inches...more

Vintage Brass Filigree Earrings

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My Creations

Beautiful patterned brass earrings adorned with green jade and czech...more

Beautiful patterned brass earrings adorned with green jade and czech bead

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My creations

Simple Lavender Flower Earring Flower -15mm 1.5nch drop from...more

Simple Lavender Flower Earring

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My creations

Multi color bead earrings

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Gold Crochet w/ Light Pink Flower and Fluorite Bead

Claudia: I've become a recent fan of gold crochet :)

mishshell: Yeahh! :) xx

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Vintage Crystal Lucite and Silver Disc Earrings by mishshell

add some pow to your jeans and tee.

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