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Health & Beauty by mitzig23

by mitzig23, posted to Food & Drink

As a mom of two I try to stay fit & healthy so that I can keep up with my kids but as a wife I keep fit to look good for the man of my dreams!! These are things that I use to do both!!

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Holiday Packages

Get healthy, tones, tightened & firmed for the best price!!

Amazing all natural products at the best prices possible!

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Essential Bars ($25)

The new It's Essential weight loss energy bar pairs delicious flavor...more

What if I told you we have a snack that helped you lose weight, gave you energy, was whole food organic, gluten free and to top it all off tasted amazing!!! Well that is what I'm telling you! The Essential Bar is the worlds FIRST weight loss energy bar.

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New You - $49

Stimulates natural production and release of HGH (human growth...more

NEW YOU Have you ever wanted to turn back the clock? How about delay the signs of aging? Well we have the answer for you!! NEW YOU helps your body to produce your own human growth hormones back to the levels from when you were in your 20's. It will increase your metabolism and build lean muscle at the same time. Stars pay $1,000's for HGH injections. Why do that when you can have your body great its own for less than $50!! Inbox, text or call me today!! Mitzi 678-462-2891 http://mitzigoodson.myitworks.

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Detoxifying, alkalizing drink powder...more

Not eating your fruits and vegetables like you should? Get what you are missing with Greens, a delicious orange-flavored, alkalizing drink powder with the nutritional value of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving. Greens blends 38 herbs and nutrient-rich "superfoods".

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Facial Applicator

Deep hydration, botanically based mask...more

The exclusive 45-minute Facial Applicator from It Works! uses a cream-infused cloth wrap to deliver intensive revitalizing benefits to the face that dramatically rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 45 minutes. Skin looks and feels softer, smoother, and revitalized with a healthy glow. Continuously hydrates for fresher, more luminous skin and a younger-looking you.

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Not eating your fruits and vegetables like you should? Get what you...more

Detoxifying, alkalizing drink powder Promotes pH balance within the body 38 herbs & nutrient-rich “superfoods” Equivalent of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving Greens is a pleasant tasting, orange-flavored powder. Simply add to water or juice.

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Promotes regular colon function...more

THIS PRODUCT CHANGED MY LIFE!!! Using Regular ensures daily removal of toxins and waste material and offers a gentle way to cleanse the colon.

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Ultimate Pack

Tighten, tone & firm in 45 minutes with the Ultimate Body Applicator...more

Take your body to the ultimate level with the Ultimate Pack, which takes all the benefits of our Fit Pack and supercharges your results with the calorie-burning boost of Ultimate ThermoFit™, the fundamental daily nutrients of It’s Vital™,and It’s Essential® weight loss energy bars to transform your body inside and out.

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It's Vital - $29

It's Vital supplies your body with all the essential vitamins,...more

Any vitamin that doesn't dissolve in water in 30 minutes isn't doing it job; It's Vital dissolves in about 15 be the judge!!

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Skinny Pack

You can have your cake and eat it too when you add Advanced Formula...more

Tighten, tone, and firm in 45 minutes with the Ultimate Body Applicator Reduce the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins with Defining Gel Absorb less fat and carbs even after you’ve eaten them! Balance your blood sugar levels to reduce cravings Cut those diet-killing carb cravings

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Wrinkles and fine lines begin forming years before they are clearly...more

Combats harmful effects of environmental factors Prevents appearance of wrinkles Rich in vitamins & botanical extracts Leaves skin soft and silky

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Cleanser Gel

Rinse away the daily grime with Cleanser Gel's beautifying botanicals!...more

Gently removes even the toughest of makeup (including waterproof mascara!)
 Removes environmental pollutants, oil, dirt, and makeup without drying
 Botanical extracts such as Green Tea, Marigold, and

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Hydrating Toner & Freshener

Mist your skin with this balancing toner for ultra-light hydration and...more

Restores skin to its natural pH Tightens pores for a healthy-looking glow and more even skin tone Specially formulated to be ideal for all skin types Doubles as an excellent post-shaving treatment to soothe skin and banish bumps Also works great on sunburn, bug bites, and other minor skin irritants

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Think wrinkles are forever? Not anymore! RepairAge is a revolutionary...more

Gives your skin a more youthful appearance & is great for wrinkles!!!

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Tired of aches and pains in your joints? Relief promotes healthy,...more

Promotes healthy & flexible joints & is ALL NATURAL

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Fit Pack

Get all the body-refining, fat-fighting powers of the Skinny Pack plus...more

A whole system to get you feeling great & looking good.

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Defining Gel

Luxurious hydration meets contouring results with this favorite It...more

This is the ONE beauty product EVERYONE should have!! It helps with so many things!!

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Ultimate Body Applicator (AKA "the wrap")

Expect "ultimate" results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator!...more

Who doesn't want to start getting skinny after only 45 minutes?? It's not a gimmick It really Works!!

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Greens on the Go!!

Now you can alkalize, energize, and detoxify wherever you go with...more

Great fro adults but AMAZING to kids that won't eat fruits or veggies!! Add it to OJ & it makes it green.......what kid wouldn't want HULK JUICE??

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Stretch Mark Creme

Your skin doesn't end below your neck, so why should your skin care...more

the only creme that works for me.

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Ultimate Makeover: Skinny Pack

You can have your cake and eat it too when you add Advanced Formula...more

You have have your cake & eat it too!!

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It Works Pregnant Safe Products!!!

Ways to pamper yourself when you need it most!!

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Ultimate Pack (choc. or van.)

Take your body to the ultimate level with the Ultimate Pack, which...more

It super charges your body for the best results!!

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It Works Products!!

A healthier you can change your life!! Start tightening, toning, &...more

A healthier you can change your life!! Start tightening, toning, & firming today!!

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Ultimate Makeover Plan

stating at as little as $109

You can get results in the first 45 minutes.......what could be better??

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Fat Fighter

Blocks some of the fat & carbs from meals!! Helps balance blood...more

It fights fat & it all natural!!

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It's an all natural way help with stress relief!!

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Facial Applicator

The It Works Facial Applicator is the new 'it' thing in Hollywood!!...more

Used by Demi Moore

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Ultimate ThermoFit

As seen on Dr. Oz!...more

As seen on Dr. Oz!

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It Works Ultimate Applicator

The product that I am talking about is an all natural wrap that tones,...more

These product encourage a healthy life style & are all natural!!

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