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My Favorite Pampered Chef Products by Erin-MommyontheSpot

by Erin-MommyontheSpot, posted to Food & Drink

I recently rediscovered my love for Pampered Chef products. If you like to cook and bake, check out some of my favorite things!

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This juicer is perfect when I make mojitos! No pulp or seeds, and there are measurements on the side.

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Scoop n Drain

I love this tool because I can scoop out ravioli without breaking them while draining them in a regular colander. Also great for scooping out poached eggs!

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Covered Skillet

This skillet is big enough to make a lot of sauce and add the cooked pasta. It's also oven safe!

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Rectangular Baker

I made the best roasted chicken in this baker! The skin was crispy, and the meat was juicy.

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Large Round Stone with Handles

Awesome for making pizzas! The dough turns out perfectly every time!

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Large Bar Pan

Everything turns out amazing on this pan. My favorite use is to make bacon on it. Crispy *and* mess-free!

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This zester makes the prettiest ribbons of lime zest just perfect for mojitos.

Larissa: I so need one, was embarrassed when I hosted Thanksgiving and didn't have one - I pride myself on having a well-equipped kitchen.

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PIzza Cutter

Super sharp and easy to use. Also good to cut garlic bread and cinnamon rolls.

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Egg Slicer Plus

I love egg salad sandwiches, and this slicer makes it so easy to slice up eggs. It's great to slice strawberries and kiwis, too!

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Jamaican Jerk Rub

Sprinkle on some cooked chicken, add some corn chips, and top with cheese and bell peppers. Put in the oven, and you have a tray of delicious Jamican Jerk Chicken Nachos!

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Slice N Serve

This is great because you can slice with the serrated edge *and* serve your pie all with one tool.

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One-Cup Prep Bowl Set

These little bowls are the best! I bought them specifically with taco night in mind. They are nice enough to serve condiments on the table, and easy enough to store in the fridge with their lids.

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Chef's Tongs

I LOVE these tongs so much that I bought two! They don't scratch up my nonstick pans, and they don't have grooves that cut through my pasta.

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Small Scoop

This scoop is the perfect size for chocolate chip cookies! I have bough quite a few scoops, but this one is the best because it is very sturdy.

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Flour/Sugar Shaker

I love this product! The cap makes makes it travel-friendly so I can put my last minute sprinkles of powder sugar on my chocolate truffle pie;.

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The Pampered Chef Rockcrok® Dutch Oven

A beautiful addition to your table! Set includes a Ideal for serving a...more

Suggested by Chrystine Holcomb

One pot for the whole meal! Does everything the Deep Covered Baker can do - and then some!

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