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5 Quick Organizing Tasks by Lori Krolik

by Lori Krolik, posted to Home

Short on time, but long on clutter? You can complete anyone of these tasks quickly and at least one of the areas of your life will feel organized.

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Sort Through Your Mail

Go through your unopened mail and recycle all the outer envelopes....more

Mail can pile-up quickly. If you don't take the time to go through it on a regular basis, the pile will become overwhelming and one you'll avoid. It may even cost you in terms of late fees or missing out on important social obligations.

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Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

There's nothing wrong with having a junk drawer, but if you can't find...more

The very name, "junk drawer" denotes a jumbled mess. Get rid of any obvious trash and put like items together. Use old check boxes, small Tupperware containers, or drawer dividers to hold like items together.

Krista: I just did this (through A LOT of drawers) this weekend and I already feel so much better!

Lori Krolik: What a great way to start the new year Krista!

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Pare Down A Collection

What’s your biggest clutter culprit? Too many office supplies,...more

Let your space define how much you can have of certain items. For example, you can only have as many coffee mugs as will fit in one kitchen cabinet or as many magazines as will fit in a standard magazine holder. Once you can't fit anymore items in that space, it's time to get rid of something.

Beatriz Sandoval: I have this problem with purses ! soo hard to get rid of.

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Clean Off The Top Of Your Desk

Your desk can quickly fill with mail, paper piles, random scraps of...more

Get rid of the obvious trash, file papers away, put items you need to deal with at a later time in your inbox, schedule a time on your calendar to go through your inbox.

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Empty Your Mind

Physical clutter can be distracting and frustrating, and your own...more

Think about all the little things that have been “nagging you” or keeping you up at night. Spend 15 minutes jotting down these thoughts and schedule a time to get them done.

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