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Top Closing Bombshells by Becky

by Becky, posted to Home

You're about to close on your house when this hits!

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Property Inspections

Don't be surprised by your property inspection.

A big repair issue can be a deal breaker.

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Don't Freak Out When You See Some Surprises at Closing : HGTV FrontDoor Real Estate

What do you do if your closing costs or required down payment are...more


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Our Closing Nightmare

A horror story

An example

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What should you do if your home doesn’t appraise at the price you...more

Prevent from closing

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Nickels and Dimes: Adding Up Closing Costs : HGTV FrontDoor Real Estate

Where on earth did all these closing costs come from, and do you...more

They're going to come up!

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