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Easy, Family-Friendly, International Meals by One-World

by One-World, posted to Food & Drink

While October is no longer, the challenge continues! A OWW follower asked if I could cover the whole world. I will cook from a new country once a week until I do. As with the original initiative, on our site, we offer the full recipe, fun facts about the country, and a downloadable passport and map ... More »

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Nov 15: Ireland

Recipes: Lamb Stew, Colcannon, and Rosted Baby Carrots. Fun Fact: An Irish birthday tradition is to lift the birthday child upside down and give his head a few gentle bumps on the floor for good luck. The number of bumps should allegedly correspond to the child’s age plus one.

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May 28: Laos

Ping Gai (Grilled Chicken) with Laotian Eggplant. Fun Fact: Not...more

Ping Gai (Grilled Chicken) with Laotian Eggplant. Fun Fact: Not country related, but, my husband declared this this best chicken he has ever eaten. It's that good.

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Jan 25: Ghana

Grilled Tilapia with Yam and Plantain Fufu. Fun fact: In Ghana people often spray paint their animals to mark ownership. Thus there are many colorful chickens and goats running around Ghana.

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Jan 11: Vietnam

Banh Chung with Stir Fried Veggies. Fun Fact: Ruou Ran, a Vietnamese speciality, is rice wine with a pickled snake floating in it.

Larissa: Wow, that's a pretty hard-core Vietnamese dish that most non-Vietnamese have not even heard of. Have you made it before? It's pretty labor intensive that even my grandma has never made.

One-World: I was surprised as how easy it was! Not counting the soaking and slow cooking time, it took less than 15 minutes. It is better when it is wrapped in leaves, which would add to the time, but as they were not available near me, I used a substitute I saw online. I will definitely make it again -- perhaps with different meats and veggies in it as well.

Larissa: You're actually supposed to eat them with pickled veggies, balances out the heaviness of the rice, pork and mung bean. Here's a simple and tasty recipe from Whole Foods -

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Dec 14: Portugal

Clams and Pork in Cataplana with Portuguese Rice. Fun Fact: Portugal is home to the first commercial wave farm, which creates and sells electricity. The farm was constructed in 2006.

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Dec 8: Zimbabwe

Dovi (Chicken Peanut Butter Stew) and Sadza (Corn Meal Dumplings). Fun Fact: The life expectancy in Zimbabwe is 48.

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Nov 30: Myanmar

Burmese Chicken Coconut Soup. Fun fact: Common local unit of weight is peiktha (viss), which equals to 3.6 pounds.

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Nov 16: Costa Rica

Turkey Picadilla with Chayote. Fun fact: Christopher Columbus discovered and named Costa Rica in 1502.

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Nov 9: Germany

Pan Seared Pork with Lemon Brown Butter Spaetzle & Sautéed Cabbage and Apples. Fun fact: Germany was the first country to adopt Daylight Savings Time.

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Oct 31: Turkey

Borek & Lemon Hummus and Veggies. Fun fact: The only city in the world located on two continents is Istanbul.

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Oct 28: Poland

Potato and Cheese Perogis & Creamed Pumpkin. Fun fact: Polish born astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was the first person to propose that the earth was not the center of the universe.

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Oct 27: Peru

Peruvian Grilled Chicken & Potatoes with Cheese Sauce. Fun Fact: Incans (ancient Peruvian inhabitants) were not considered officially married until they exchanged sandals.

Claudia: Yumm. I love Peruvian food! Will there be a Bolivian dish? This is where my parents are from.

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Oct 26: Thailiand

Ped See Ew with Pork. Fun Fact:Bangkok’s official name isn’t, as you might assume, Bangkok – it’s fiendishly long and roughly translates to “Great City of Angels, Repository of Divine Gems, Great Land Unconquerable, Grand and Prominent Realm, Royal a...

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Oct 25: Sweden

Turkey Meatballs over Egg Noodles & Swedish Cabbage and Cranberry. Fun Fact: Sweden has the smallest gender employment-rate gap in the developed world, with only 4% more men in employment than women.

Claudia: I'm very interested in trying this out!

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Oct 24: South Africa

Bobotie and Rice & String Bean and Potato Stew. Fun fact: South Africa has a penguin colony, which thrives thanks to the cold Antarctic currents on the west coast near the Cape.

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Oct 21: Spain

Ham Croquettes & Pan con Tomate. Fun fact: The word Spain is derived from the word Ispania, which means ‘the land of rabbits.’

Eden Godsoe: My husband would love this. And so will my kids in a couple of years once I get them to eat more than nuggets & hot dog (bad mommy alert!)

Krista: Would absolutely love to try this!

Claudia: I LOVE spanish tapas..its one of my favorite food to eat out. Croquettes are my evil food..because I can eat 10 in one sitting.

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Oct 20: Mexico

Shredded Roast Chicken on Sopes with Pumpkin Pesto. Fun fact: One unusual Mayan weapon was a “hornet bomb,” which was an actual hornet’s nest thrown at enemies during battle.

Krista: Yum! I need a link to the page on your website -- I really want t make this!

One-World: www.oneworldwhisk,com. Thanks!

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Oct 19: Russia

Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread) & Salad Olivier. Fun fact: Russia is also home to the world’s largest active volcano, Klyuchevskaya Sopka, which is 15,584 ft high.

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Oct 18: Japan

Tuna and Avocado Sushi Rolls & Yakitori. Fun fact: In Japan, a nice musk melon, similar to a cantaloupe, may sell for more than $300.

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Oct 17: Italy

Stromboli & Zucchini with Butter. (And, because we now know it's not authentic, there is a carbonara recipe online as well, for purists.) Fun act: When McDonald's opened in 1986 in Rome, food purists outside the restaurant gave away free spaghetti t....

Krista: You're making me way too hungry...I guess my breakfast wasn't satisfying enough!

Claudia: I lived in Italy for 6 months when I was studying abroad and enjoyed all the food they had to offer. It's amazing how different the pizzas are from the states

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