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YourOrganicChild Eco Friendly/organic gift list on SkinnyScoop by organicchild

by organicchild, posted to Parenting

Some good ideas for gifts that are not wasteful and people will actually like and use

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Amazon Kindle Fire

I recently got the new Kindle Fire and LOVE IT!! My opinion is that I love it more than the Ipad. You can subscribe to blogs including yourorganicchild for only .99 cents a month. All posts get automatically sent to your kindle and you also download books, tv shows,movies really fast. If you are a prime member you get some TV shows and movies fo...

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Natalie's Magic Lemonade [Kindle Edition] Kathy Marrocco-McLaughlin (Author)

If you have a kindle this is a cute book for kids. It is available at It is a story about a little girl named Natalie and what happens when she plants a "magic lemon seed".

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Organic, Seamless & Tag less Children's Clothing by Tereskids

I love the children’s clothing by TeresKIds. Teres Kids’ 100% organic cotton clothing is created and produced with respect for the environment and an awareness of our responsibility to our customers and planet Earth. The clothing is sourced and manufactured entirely in the United States. It is available at

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Organic Cookbooks by Anni Daulter Anni Daulter

Cookbooks by Anni Daulter Anni Daulter has written several different organic cookbooks and they are all great. I have reviewed Organically Raised and Ice Pop Joy. They have such great tips and recipes in both books. I have reviewed a lot of different cookbooks and I think that her books are the best by far. They are perfect as a gift for a new mom...

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Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish

Piggy Paint is the only nail polish I let my daughter wear. Its all natural and I don’t have to worry about it being toxic. Its a perfect stocking stuffer. They have gift sets with a couple polishes in them too. Great for favors for birthday parties too. Available at a great price at ...

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