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Hairstyles I Wish I Had the Guts to Try by Amanda Davis

by Amanda Davis, posted to Style

I am of the belief that our hairstyles are a very interesting way to express ourselves but that being said, they are more permanent then buying that fashion forward pair of neon green pumps. These are the hair dos that are on my short list of cuts to try once I get this stupid wedding out of the way... More »

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Kelly Osbourne

Lavender, so pretty!

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Suggested by Jackie

This is a very gutsy hairstyle! Cassie has long beautiful curls with a side of her hair shaved. I think she rocks it well..and if I knew I could pull it off, I would probably attempt.

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Do You Like Reese Witherspoon’s New Bangs?


The actress debuts a subtle new look in Paris on Thursday

Suggested by Larissa

Not exactly a gusty move, but Reese hasn't changed her hair style since leaving Ryan - I think it works. I look funny with bangs.

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The Ponytail Come-back

Suggested by Intelligent Skin Sense

Long hair unless styled looks like it needs a good hair cut. I personally don't look good in shorter hair. So I experimented with a low ponytail (copied from Allure) It looks great with jeans and a black cocktail dress. More on this at

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The Ponytail Come-back

Suggested by Intelligent Skin Sense

Long hair needs styling but who has time? Love the low ponytail done right.Great time saver and looks right with jeans or a black cocktail dress. Read more at

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Willow 'Whip My Hair' Smith

Suggested by Larissa

I couldn't resist adding this one :) - I'd like to rock this do for a day.

Claudia: This hair is crazy!!

Eden Godsoe: I might rock this do for 1 minute but that's it. I can't stand Willow Smith. Way too pretentious for a girl that age.

Amanda Davis: I agree with Eden... although i guess you WOULD have to have a 'tude to pull it off!

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Audrey Hepburn

Suggested by Larissa

I loved the scene in Roman Holiday when she chopped off all her hair, wish I had the guts and face to pull this off!

Amanda Davis: Oooh good one! She was so classic but this do might be a hard one to pull off!

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Kirsten Dunst

Suggested by Krista

This is my #1 hairstyle that I wish I had the guts to try, I went above the chin once and it was NOT pretty. Unfortunately, my hair is super thick and naturally wavy/coarse, so this cut would never work for me. She looks absolutely gorgeous though!

Amanda Davis: I have hair almost exactly like Kirsten (maybe a tad thicker)... Sorry Krista, I could totes pull this off ;-)

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Lady Gaga

This is along the same lines as the pink tipped Nicki Minaj do but with Yellow and as low lights? I really dig this look a lot and I think it could be more wearable than the pink... who am I kidding, I would probably never do it!

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Nicki Minaj

Now let's not get all lunatic like here... Nicki Minaj has some cray cray looks under her belt but the one that I find most attainable for me is this blond with pink tips. I am a natural blond so I would need to bleach then have my tips dipped in pink. Dang, if I didn't work at a cubicle in a corporate office!

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Evan Rachel Wood

You have been living under a rock if you don't know that I am mildly obsessed with Evan Rachel Wood. No lie, it is because of this hairstyle. Longer than some of the other short do's, it still requires them to take a razor to my head... which is thrilling!

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Michelle Williams

While this is very similar to Emma Watson's pixie cut, Michelle's hair (in this pic) has more length in the front and that means more to play with. Leave your options open, girls.

Krista: I so agree. I would never be able to pull this off, but she looks absolutely radiant. Adore this new list, btw! I'm following so I can get updates when you add new looks. Woohoo :)

Eden Godsoe: I wish I could pull this one off. Partly because I am lazy about styling/drying my hair but it's cute yet boyish. Love it.

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That hair is unnatural, something out of a comic book... and that is what makes it awesomesauce.

Krista: Riri is one of the few who could pull this off. It totally suits her.

Amanda Davis: Haha I like that you call her Riri...

Krista: Haha, I'm too much, I know! I feel like I know her. That's sad, isn't it?

Amanda Davis: Well I haven't talked to her in awhile but last time we spoke she said you guys were close...

Jackie: Agreed! I WISH I could pull off this it on her! Definitely my favorite celeb hairstyle right now.

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Emma Watson

This is probably one look that I may eventually take on. Not only does it look adorable but hello, No Extensive Hair Care Needed

Claudia: I can never pull this one off with my thick hair!

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Tilda Swinton

Shaved up the side and all Rockabilly on top? Mad Props to Tilda. My man might have something to say about this look...

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