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Who I am watchin' in 2012 by Amanda Davis

by Amanda Davis, posted to Style

This is a collection of some of my favorite people or people I am just intrigued to watch this year. 2012 is going to be a good one.

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Emma Stone

Suggested by Dvr Dame

She's talented and funny. I think she's the next Sandra Bullock. Yeah I said it.

Eden Godsoe: Such a good addition. She was great in The Help and Easy A was so underrated. DVR Dame - you need to do your own list of what we should be watching in 2012!

Jackie: I actually JUST tweeted that I would add her to the list...LOVE Emma Stone :)

Dvr Dame: I didn't know I could do that. I think I will.

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Rose Byrne

She popped onto my fashion and, more importantly, Hair radar this year. She was lovely in Bridesmaids, I just got around to seeing Sunshine and now I can't get enough of her! I am really hoping I see more of her fashion forward 'tude as well, because Mama likes.

FavePages Team: We loved her in Bridesmaids too! Definitely one to watch.

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Mainly I want to see Mommy Beyonce. I think she will be good at it.

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Nicki Minaj

Frankly, I am tired of Lady Gaga

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Rachel Roy

Fave designer. Must Watch. Must buy. Drool.

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Dakota Fanning

I'll keep this short. I want to see Dakota step it up. Elle is coming up fast and Dakota has worked too long and hard.

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Kristin Wiig

Hello, did you see Bridesmaids? Yes, pure genius. If you think she isn't going to take that momentum and do something else equally as awesome, you aren't as hopeful as me.

FavePages Team: DEFINITELY genius!

Eden Godsoe: Kristin Wiig is amazing. Can't wait for her next movies.

Dvr Dame: What is there not to like? She is awesome!

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Kim Kardashian

I will tell you that I do not want to watch Kim Kardashian because I think she is fabulous. I am watching Kim Kardashian because I think the fallout of her bust of a wedding and the fact that she just irritates people now, will be fun fallout to watch. I know... I am mildly evil.

Eden Godsoe: I love that you picked a horrible photo of Kim K. Because in my opinion she is not a pretty person (on the inside at least.) Yes - I am mildly evil too!

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Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is the sultry Gucci spokesperson, she has a totally crushworthy hairstyle, had a killer role in The Ides of March and is definitely on my must watch list. I have a feeling she is going to step it up this year.

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Jessica Biel

Not only is Jessica beautiful, wears gorgeous clothes and seems like a nice gal... but she got engaged the same time as me and I am totally interested to see if she plans a wedding this year! Creepy? Maybe a little.

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Amanda Seyfried

Amanda has definitely come a long way from her Mamma Mia and Mean Girl roots. I have seen her become more fashion forward and let's face it, more beautiful over the past few years. I want to see her take her career to the next level and also see her personal style rock on this year.

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Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara came out of nowhere. There is no doubt that she has taken on the role in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and therefore has become a new edgy role model... but I am curious to see how she shows herself style wise. So far? So good.

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Florence Welch

Florence is super talented and has a tremendous sense of style.

Eden Godsoe: I first saw Florence Welch on SNL and was amazed. She is so talented & compelling.

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