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Gift ideas for women diagnosed with Breast Cancer by Sharon

by Sharon, posted to Gifts

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and received many wonderful, thoughtful gifts that went beyond beautiful fresh cut flowers. As gift giving is often challenging, particularly when someone is sick, I thought I would share my recommendations.

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Play Chauffeur

Suggested by shelby

I was so appreciative to have a friend offer to drive me around a couple of days - it helped with appointments, errands, and it was just nice to have her there to chat with.

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Write her a Personal Letter

Suggested by cynthia cross

Find some beautiful stationary and write her a heartfelt letter about what she means to you. It doesn't need to be sad or a downer. It should be uplifting about all the reasons she is so special to you.

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Radiant Wrap

An alternative designer gown for women to wear while undergoing Breast...more

Suggested by Maria L

This beautiful and stylish wrap around gown promotes a feeling of beauty, comfort and wellness during therapy.

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Luxury Plush Blanket


Our sumptuously soft signature plush blanket is woven in an optimal...more

Building upon Kindra's suggestion. I used this every night on my sofa - and still do!

shelby: I so agree - this is a great idea.

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Cozy Flannel PJs

Your friend is going to be a doing a lot of lounging for the next 1-4...more

Fantastic assortment to choose from!

Kindra Tatarsky: I would also add a cozy robe for the hospital to walk the hospital halls ASAP, some slippers and a cozy blanket to cuddle up under during the days of recovery.

shelby: Kindra is spot on - some nice Uggs or other cozy slippers

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A Delivery of Fresh Fruit

I received a delivery of fresh Riviera pears and some delicious Cara...more

H&D is a long standing reliable source for quality produce, shipped in a timely manner.

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Make her Bran Muffins

After surgery involving anesthesia and pain medicine, her system may...more

This is wonderful source for recipes for both casual and experienced cooks. They have lots of bran muffin recipes to choose from.

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Through monthly support group meetings, an online network, and...more

If your friend lives in San Francisco and is under 45, please introduce her to BAYS.

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Quick Tips for Safe Cosmetics

EWG created Skin Deep so that people could make safer choices about...more

If your friend has an estrogen responsive tumor, she may want to make changes to the cosmetics and personal care products she uses to reduce the risk of unnecessary estrogen exposure. This website is an excellent resource as is this wallet size reference card.

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Green Smoothie Goodness

Many patients contemplate dietary changes following a cancer diagnosis. Helping your friend go green is one solution. There are a variety of books available on this topic such as this one.

Sharon: I can personally recommend Green Smoothies from Brigitte's Naturally Alive - delivered to your door once/week:

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Amazon Gift Card | Kindle Fire

Let your friend select new music, books or movies to enjoy during her recovery.

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Let your friend select new music, pod casts or movies to enjoy during her recovery.

Kindra Tatarsky: I asked everyone in my support group to send me the name of their favorite song and from that created an awesome "Kicking Cancer" mix. Each song empowers me and reminds me of a person dear to me. Some sent the songs via an iTunes gift card, which was even better! Plus, you get the really fun experience of seeing your friends' eclectic tastes in music.

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A Beautiful Orchid Plant

Fresh cut flower arrangements are beautiful but don’t typically last more than a week. An orchid or other blooming plant will live on and brighten your friend’s home or office, letting her know you’re thinking of her during treatment and not just post surgery.

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A Healthy Home Cooked Meal


Bringing over a home cooked meal is a wonderful way to say you care. Be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions, preferences or cravings! If you don’t cook, consider a service

Sharon: Am loving the meals from Jesse et Laurent in the SF Bay Area:

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A Selection of Dry Shampoos

If you’re friend can’t leave the house or shower, help her experiment with dry shampoos. They are also great for styling:

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A Visit to a Blow Dry Salon

No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. Book an appointment: 1-877-379-2279.

Your friend may or may not be able to wash her hair post surgery. A visit with you (ride included) to a salon for a wash and blow out is a real treat.

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Gift Certificate for a Manicure or Pedicure

Your friend isn’t likely going to feel much like taking care of herself post surgery. A manicure or pedicure pre or post surgery (ride included) is a great way to spend time together and to treat her to something relaxing.

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Cancer Sucks Gear

Make a bold statement with Cancer Sucks merchandise, including Hats,...more

Share the sentiment with her!

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Inspirational Bracelet

The Healing Garden Cancer Support Center northwest of Boston provides...more

Lisa Kaufman Designs created a special design for the Healing Garden, and commissioned a custom charm for it. Give this to your friend to wear as a talisman of faith and hope. Proceeds from sales go directly to support of the Healing Garden mission

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Wildly Comfortable Recovery Bra

This is an absolute must day and night for post surgery for women who have undergone a lumpectomy.

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Lush Cotton Hoodie

After surgery, it is often difficult or impossible to raise your arms...more

Carries all price points, including Juicy. Ships free within one business day. Easy returns/exchanges.

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Cashmere Eye Mask and Pillow

Armand Eyemask & Pillow. 100% Cashmere; 11" x 9".

Wonderful for napping anywhere, any time.

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Luxurious Down Pillows

European Squares and Wedge pillows are particularly useful for...more

The team at down etc. is devoted to providing a great night's sleep. They excel in the art of relaxation. Pillows and duvets are for dreaming. Every time you get in bed, you should feel at home.

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Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book has long been the bible for the newly...more

When you're newly diagnosed you have lots of questions. This book can provide answers to women and their partners.

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Recovery Belt

Providing information on improving the experiences associated with...more

Suggested by Kindra Tatarsky

Some surgeries require the patient to come home with drains, which are a pain in the neck. Instead of pinning them to my clothes, someone gave me this RecoveryBelt to keep my drains hidden, organized and out of harms way.

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soft camisoles

Suggested by patti

I received several soft cami's without the shelf bra inside. These were wonderful when I was unable to wear a bra of any kind. Great under zip up hoodies or button up blouses.

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Helen Ficalora Breast Cancer charms

The simple line of jewelry offers two beautiful charms, one with the...more

Suggested by Kindra Tatarsky

Simply beautiful and memorable.

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A Custom Made Breast Cancer Awareness Zen Garden

Suggested by Nowand Zen

Our hand Crafted Zen Gardens offer peace, tranquility and relaxation along with hope and healing during a challenging time ( I should know, I am a survivor of cancer ) and also in some cases, remembrance.

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Pink Ribbon Seat Belt Cushions

Memory foam cushions velcro to seat belt strap and minimize discomfort...more

Suggested by Becky Drake Mulligan

As breast cancer survivors, we know first-hand the discomfort from the seat belt and desire to help others. We donate $1 per pad sold to breast cancer research.

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