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Tech Tools & Other Gifts For Tech Moms by Michele McGraw

by Michele McGraw, posted to Tech & Blogging

We love our gadgets.

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Tech Moms Holiday Gift Guide

Tech Moms enjoy tech gifts (most of the time.) Here is my list of...more

My blog post

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Laptop Travel Charger - Slim - Laptops at iGo, Inc.

Laptop Charger - Laptop Travel Charger Slim - PS00134-2007 -...more

I keep this one in the car and when we travel, I can take my laptop and not worry about the battery running out.

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Shutterfly Gift Certificates

Online Gift Certificate and Email Gift Certificate | Shutterfly

Perfect gift for a Mom who has lots of digital pictures and wants to put them in a beautiful book.

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Playstation 3 320 GB with Move

The playstation is an entire entertainment system. We use ours to play HD movies more than we use it for games.

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Flickr Pro Subscription

If you have the pro version of Flickr, you can upload unlimited number of photos and at $24.95, it's a steal.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 10 (Win/Mac)

Adobe Premiere make it easy for anyone (beginner to advanced) to create videos that are fun for everyone to watch.

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NuScribe 2-in-1 Touch Screen Stylus & Pen

I liked how thin and stylish these pens are. Many of the Stylus/pens are big and ugly. The pink one is very stylish (and writes well and also works as a stylus on my iPad).

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ToddyGear Cloth for Electronics

This will keep your phone, tablet and e-readers clean.

Eden Godsoe: I so need this!

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iPhone 4S

Siri really does make the iPhone 4S worth the upgrade. I am more efficient when I can tell Siri what to do and not have to type it all in myself.

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Piquing Our Geek: Jawbone Up

Here's a new gadget that might be a big help to moms trying to stay...more

Suggested by Erin

Haven't tried this, but it seems pretty cool!

Michele McGraw: Good one! I forgot this one. I want to try this one....

Larissa: These just got recalled, "unfortunately, the first set of users for the wristband appear to have had many issues, so much that Jawbone is suspending production until it can fix all the problems" -

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