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Great Gifts For iPhone Lovers by Kaneshia Shae Kelly

by Kaneshia Shae Kelly, posted to Tech & Blogging

What To Buy An iPhone Lover

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Portable iPhone Chargers

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

These are useful and look cute as well. The iPhone 5 version comes out in Jan 2013.

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iPhone spy

Suggested by macandrew

Cheap and workable.

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Kate Spade iPhone Case

Fairmont Stripe iPhone 4 Clip the Showcase face out or face in, and...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

When I (finally) upgrade to an iPhone 4, I'm getting this Kate Spade Contour Design Fairmont Stripe iPhone case. She has some other amazing ones too.

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Pink Mini 2 in 1 iPhone Charger

It's great for the iphone lover. Especially the person who loves pink.

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