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Awesome Activities for Preschoolers by Michelle Hutchison

by Michelle Hutchison, posted to Parenting

Easy, fun and educational activities for preschoolers

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Patterning in preschool

A pattern is a set of shapes, objects, letters, or numbers that are...more

This is such a great activity to develop math and reading literacy

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Baking with your preschooler

Tips for baking with preschoolers

Kids in the kitchen can be challenging, this article shares tips for baking to make it a fun experience

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5 Fall activities for preschoolers - Including pumpkin spice playdough!

Some fun Fall activities from The Preschool Tool Box

Great for homeschoolers or parents of preschoolers

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5 Activities to get your preschooler moving

Easy ways to incorporate movement into learning and art

Fresh ideas

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Block Play Constructs a Math Mind - Using blocks with preschoolers

Why are blocks a must? First, they are concrete. Preschoolers...more

Blocks are an essential toy for preschoolers

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Playdough fun for preschoolers

Activities to do with playdough - includes a homemade playdough recipe

Every child loves playdough

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5 useful paint and playdough recipes for preschoolers

Making your own paints and play dough provides your children with a...more

Practical craft recipes for parents of preschoolers

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Autumn crafts with leaf rubbings

Use leaf rubbings to make these easy and effective autumn crafts for...more

Leaf rubbings were one of my favorite activities as a child. As a mom and a teacher I have been able to share the fun.

Claudia: I loved doing this as a child :)

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Creative play with cotton balls

Simple activities and crafts to do with cotton balls.

I love these ideas especially the baked cotton balls!

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Science and nature walk with preschoolers

Nature study gives your child an abiding love of the outdoors and,...more

I love anything that gets kids engaged with nature.

Claudia: I loved doing outdoor activities as a kid. It's great to get some fresh air.

Eden Godsoe: Love this idea. I keep meaning to do more outside with my kids.

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Creative play with cardboard tubes

If you start playing simple surprise games with common household...more

I love making and playing with everyday objects

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More than rubber duckies - Bathtime fun for preschoolers

For some clean starts in your child’s bath time, put away your...more

Bathtime toys and activities can get boring. It is good to get new ideas

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Outdoor play and learning opportunities

The great outdoors are full of learning opportunities. Take advantage...more

Great article with lots of ideas to extend and develop play in your backyard.

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Creative play with blankets

A common object like a blanket can become a source of fun and...more

I remember having hours of fun with my brother playing and making things with blankets

Eden Godsoe: I love making forts with/for my kids. Hours of fun.

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Creative play with ice for preschoolers

Here are a few ideas for simple play with ice.

Loved using the ice paint.

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