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Brain Boosters for Babies by Michelle Hutchison

by Michelle Hutchison, posted to Pregnancy & Baby

Are you looking for fun ways to help your baby learn? This list will give you some ideas you can try at home.

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Music and your baby

Music is a wonderful activity to share with your baby. We all enjoy...more

Music and babies go together.

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Activities to do with your 10 month old

Here are a few ideas on how to help develop your baby's learning this...more

This is a challenging age. My baby needed to be constantly entertained in the 8-10 month age group.

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Why two hands are better than one

Links physical and brain development - When your baby uses both hands...more

This is an aspect of baby development we do not often think about.

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Why peek-a-boo matters

Peek-a-boo is not just great fun for you and your baby, it can...more

Simple games can boost your baby's brain.

Eden Godsoe: I have to admit that I didn't have the patience to play peek-a-boo for that long. The good news is that toddlers or older kids seem quite happy to play it w/ your baby for endless hours.

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Games for babies

Babies learn through play. Simple games to play with your baby.

We all need new ideas now and again.

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Books your baby will love

A list of books for baby's first year.

Reading to babies is a proven brain booster.

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Crawling basics - why it is important for your baby to crawl.

Crawling involves a complex sequence of steps using both sides of the...more

A new spin on this familiar milestone.

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Importance of play

Your baby is born with about 100 billion brain cells. Just think about...more

Play is so important to babies.

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Baby Smiles

Your baby's smile may be telling you more than you think!

An insightful article about how smiling can be a communication tool for all of us.

Eden Godsoe: Great article - love the part about "with a smile, your baby expands your relationship by including the things around you." Almost makes me want to have another one (except not really..._)

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Developing talking skills

Amazingly, a baby’s language development begins before he or she is...more

Your baby's communication skills start at birth. This article explains milestones and ways parents can encourage language skills.

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Tummy time activities for babies

Explains why time time is good for your baby's brain and body....more

Tummy time is important for all babies.

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Toys for babies

Part of the fun of having a baby is shopping for the toys. Take a peek...more

Toys can be fun and educational for babies.

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