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Holiday books for little kids by Michelle Hutchison

by Michelle Hutchison, posted to Parenting

My pick of holiday books for little kids. These are the book I loved reading my daughter when she was younger

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Holidays Around The World: Celebrate Christmas: With Carols, Presents, and Peace

A name-check of the gift-bearers awaited by children reflects the...more

We love reading this book every Christmas - (and it's only $6.38 for a hard cover which I think is a bargain!)

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This Is the Stable

This lovely picture book combines beautiful artwork and a seamless,...more

It is the illustrations that stand out for me in this book.

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What Shall We Do Today?

The book is arranged by season, and each section is crammed full of...more

Not just a book for Holidays but for all year. It does have some wonderful craft ideas for Christmas.

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Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale

On a cold winter night, Kind Ox invites one visitor after another into...more

I LOVE the illustrations in this book and it is such a beautiful story.

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The Nativity

The words of the New Testament story of Jesus's birth are delivered...more

Julie Vivas' illustration are so full of life and make the words of the New Testament come alive for small children.

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The Jolly Christmas Postman

The postman delivers real little letters to the characters in the...more

My daughter loves books with little envelopes. This book is so much fun for the holidays. Not for very little children. I would say 3 to 4 + depending on your child.

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The Polar Express

The tale of a young boy lying awake on Christmas Eve only to have...more

The end of this story always gives me goose bumps.

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The Night Before Christmas

This is a classic holiday poem brought to life with wonderful illustrations - it is so colorful and beautiful to look at.

DinosaurMommy: Last year, my in-laws got our daughter The Night Before Christmas, and it was the version where you can read and record the story. It is the coolest thing! This is such a classic story - love it!

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Wombat Divine

Wombat is a cute and lovable character with a passion for the stage...more

I love all books by Mem Fox and this is no exception. This is such a cute story about a wombat who wants to be in the nativity play, but just can't find what he is good at.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

The Grinch hates Christmas, and wants to stop it from coming. So he...more

What can I say? A classic Dr. Seuss. Not for very young children.

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Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner

Check out Stef the Nanny's favorite winter books from!

Suggested by Stef-the nanny from

Love this book and it's more winter focused so you can keep reading it once the holidays have come and gone!

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Flight of the Reindeer: The True Story of Santa Claus and his Christmas Mission

Lest you think that Christmas is just a sentimental commercial venture...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

A little different than others on this list and a truly remarkable book for children and adults. Will Steger, world famous as a Polar explorer, shares his 1986 expedition to Santa Claus village and also includes Santa experiences from famous people.

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The Santa Claus Book

A history of Santa Claus and his elves describes the day-to-day...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

This book will keep children believing in Santa and the magic of Christmas. Great gift for children or new parents -too bad there isn't a hard copy.

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The Mitten

Millions of readers have fallen in love with Jan Brett’s The Mitten,...more

Suggested by laura

The tale of a lost mitten that ends up being a cozy home for animals of all kinds. So sweet!

Michelle Hutchison: Such a great story - it is a great one to act out with the kids too

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