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My Maternity Must-Haves by Michelle Hutchison

by Michelle Hutchison, posted to Pregnancy & Baby

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Regular Pillows

Body Pillow I Recommend

I used them in different thicknesses. I still have lots on the bed!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil, 4-Ounce Bottle

Stretch Mark Cream That Works

Natural Stretch Oil combines plant-based oils infused with the healing...more

Love, love this oil - and no stretch marks for me.

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Peanut Butter

Biggest Pregnancy Craving

I joke that my child was made on Peanut Butter - natural roasted, no sugar or salt - I ate it every day! (the joke is that my daughter hardly ever eats it)

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Flip FLops

Comfy Shoes I Lived In

Slip on the Reef Women's Seaside Sandals and stroll down the boardwalk...more

No bending!

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Tunic and Leggings

My Maternity Style

I am tall so my dresses ended up being tunics and leggings helped it all not be obscene

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Pen and paper

Must-Have Pregnancy App

My daughter was born 10 year ago. No apps :)

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Pregnancy Movie I Heart

JUNO is a beautifully written (Diablo Cody) and directed (Jason...more

Such a surprising, sweet movie

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Most Difficult Food To Give Up

Had to wean myself off coffee, but I did find some good organic decaf

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