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My Style by the stylish housewife

by the stylish housewife, posted to Style

My Style

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Most Flattering Jeans

I wear skinny jeans the most although my husband would say that he likes straight leg or bootcut better on me!

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Jcrew Toothpick Jean

Favorite Brand of Jeans

I just bought these, and although I am still getting used to the ankle length...the fit is awesome.

Krista: YES, I love the toothpick fit! Did you get this bright yellow?

the stylish housewife: i sure did! stay tuned...they will be on the blog soon! =)

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Rachel Zoe: Glamorous (Boho Chic)

Celebrity Style Icon

She always looks glamorous! I die for her closet!

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Bag I Covet

If money grew on trees, THIS would be mine!

Krista: ME TOO!

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Bag I Carry

I like BIG bags so I can get frustrated every time I can't find my keys but at least I can hold all of my sons's toys!

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