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10 Crazy Hippie-Lady Things You Should Be Doing, But Aren't by Madeleine Six

by Madeleine Six, posted to Home

Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN?Save the rainforest, the whales AND your guilty conscience while adopting these eco-friendly suggestions guaranteed to green your life and make others think you've lost your damn mind. More »

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DIY: Reusable and Refillable Dryer Sachets

Suggested by katie: normalgirl

A different type of dryer sheet replacement, that uses herbs. It can be made using old t-shirts, fabric scraps, socks or pantyhose. I fill mine with lavender because it scents the laundry and lavender naturally eliminates static cling. Sometimes when I have roses, I'll dry them out and use the petals in there too.

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Use Jars Instead of Travel Mugs

1. You can screw on the lid and literally throw a jar full o' coffee...more

You have old food jars hanging around anyway, why not make use of them? If they break or get lost,at least they were used one more time before reaching their final destination. I always get lots of compliments on my coffee jar.

Claudia: great idea..I knew they were good for something!

Madeleine Six: Sometimes I get really cutesy and decorate the lids with Japanese masking tape and knit little coffee sleeves for them...too much? ;)

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Bring Your Own Containers To Pick Up Takeout

I expected a lot of sideways glances when I started doing this, but so...more

If you're getting your Pad Thai delivered, choose places that use cardboard or biodegradable takeout containers - and make sure that the Styrofoam-using place knows why you're switching allegiances.

Claudia: hmmm I'll def try this, I wonder how they will react!

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Choose A Cone Instead of a Cup

I never used to get cones, because I didn't like eating them - just...more

Eating an ice cream cone the old fashioned way - with the complex system of rotating, licking and avoiding drips - guys, it 's probably better than crossword puzzles for your brain. (Added Bonus: foreplay?)

Claudia: I always get the cone..yum :)

Eden Godsoe: This one I can do!

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Reusable Bags. Yeah, I Know You Know.

We all know about this one, right? But how often does your bag...more

What are you supposed to do without a bag? Well, make 15 trips to your car and back to unload your groceries and I guarantee you won't be forgetting your damn bag anymore. Truth.

Claudia: Love this bag! I need to get better at actually using all my reusable bags. I was really good about it when I lived in Europe.

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Make Your Own Laundry Soap. Seriously, It's Easy

Grate a bar of soap - any bar, Ivory works well, Dr. Bronner's too....more

Have you ever walked through the laundry aisle at your grocery store? That stuff is expensive and it stinks. It coats your delicates with chemical fragrances and leaves soap residue that actually makes your clothes dirtier in the long run.

Claudia: I agree, I need to do this. I've made my own carpet stain remover and not hard at all :)

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Stop Using Disgusting Dryer Sheets

Do y'all know that most dryer sheets coat use animal fats to coat your...more

If you aren't crafty, visit to buy some from a local artisan, or do a quick google search for people near you. I've used these forever. Add a few drops of essential oils directly to the ball if you miss your fragrances.

Claudia: Why am I just finding out about this?! Yuck, I'm glad I never really used them...Etsy here I come!

Colleen (McCutcheon): When we move we only bought a washing machine, no dryer, my clothes are happier for it! We save money, no dryer sheets and clothes are "fresh as" on the clothes line :)

Jennifer Wright: Colleen we love the clothes line as well! The best smell ever is when the sheets come fresh off the line. However, there are times when the dryer is necessary down in Auckland so on those wet occasions i think I might try to make your own soap and dryer ball option.

Malika Bourne: I havebeen line drying. something I use teh dryer for when It is cold like the for towels. I have a yarn ball with essentail oils.

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Shop Second Hand

I used to think wearing the discarded clothing of a stranger was...more

Clothes today are made so cheaply that after a few washes they are often all stretched out and discoloured, but by shopping secondhand you can see how an item has held up over time. It's easier to judge quality.

Eden Godsoe: I don't buy a lot second hand but we always give our old clothes & other stuff to Goodwill, Out of the Closet or another organization.

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Moisturize Using Natural Oils

Get rid of your Jergens- natural oils like sesame oil and coconut oil...more

Starting your day with a coconut oil massage is pretty much the best thing ever. And since your skin absorbs most of what you put onto it, might as well use something you'd eat anyway. (Seriously guys, I don't want to brag but my skin is like SILK)

Claudia: Are the serums you buy for your hair okay to use on your skin?

Madeleine Six: I have never tried it, but if they are pure oils like 100% argan oil, it should be great (if a little more expensive than coconut/sesame) . The reason I say to check is because many hair serums like Moroccan Oil use various silicone-based ingredients too, which aren't great for you. And I usually avoid using oils on my face because I had a terrible experience with an oil cleanse which we will never speak of again I SAID GOOD DAY.

FavePages Team: Okay good to know..who knew I'd learn so much in one day!

Malika Bourne: I have cononut oi ordered to make lotions and soaps. I amgetting rid of chemicals in the home.

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Ditch the Shampoo and Conditioner


I'm going to lose you on this one, I can feel it. BUT, hear me out....more

Shampoo: 1 tbsp baking soda dissolved in 1 cup warm water. Scrub into scalp and rinse. Conditioning rinse: 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 1 cup warm water, let sit for a few minutes then rinse. If you need extra moisture, smooth coconut oil onto ends

Malika Bourne: I used up the last of hte shamppo.Not buying anymore. No more chemicals for us.

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Get Rid of the Swiffer

Seriously guys, what is WITH all these one-time use landfill fillers?...more

Better yet, instead of trashing it altogether, invest in a good microfiber cloth and use that in place of the little disposable pads. OR - USE A BROOM y'all, a BROOM.

Claudia: okay fine, I love the smell of my swiffers but you are TOTALLY right.

Madeleine Six: I have a great recipe for natural cleaner as well, I'll post it to my blog in the next few days (did you ever know I was so domestic? Blowing minds)

FavePages Team: yay! Looking forward to it, thanks!

Malika Bourne: I se a soft broom. AndI bought Chenile socks to use instad f teh pads. Works better than the pads.

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Abeego is the original reusable food storage, handcrafted with an...more

The BEST replacement for Saran wrap I've ever your food will look super vintage and cute.

FavePages Team: Impressed.

Jackie: I'm not a fan of saran wrap and I'd rather not use I think I will definitely be buying this.

katie: normalgirl: I had no idea this existed...I'm going to share this with everyone!

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...and another one..USE SOAP

Soap instead of other things I mean - ditch the body wash, the liquid...more

Dr. Bonner's is a great natural castile soap - but also hit up the local soap makers in your community, you'll probably find someone using natural ingredients and it's a great way to support local artisans

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Malika Bourne:

 @Madeliene Six awesome!

Madeleine Six:

 @SkinnyScoop Team @Malika Bourne, This list will soon be a book! Say whaaaaa? Look for it on April 15 :)

FavePages Team:

 Love that you are updating this amazing list. It's always been one of our favorites!

Malika Bourne:

 My favorite list.