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Tate's Kitchen by Tate's Kitchen

by Tate's Kitchen, posted to Food & Drink

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Kauai 2012

Where have I been???

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eggs Hollandaise

California Eggs Benedict

California Eggs Benedict

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Asparagus with Poached Eggs

Delicious and Filling with in-season asparagus

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Spicy grilled shrimp with Fettucine

Spicy grilled shrimp with Fettucine

This ended up being really quick to prepare and delicious! Hope you all try it.

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quick orange and tangerine salsa

quick and fresh

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the Avo-dilla.....sort of...

super fast, super filling, somewhat healthy...

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Shrimp wraps

Shrimp Wraps

so light and refreshing and delicious!

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homemade Samoas

yes - talking about the Girl Scout Cookie

Now we can have them all year round!

Claudia: We have a box of them sitting in the evil haha. Great recipe, thanks for sharing!

Tate's Kitchen: Thank you Claudia!

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caramelized onion and pear sandwich with camembert cheese

d e l i c i o u s !

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Fried rice

Fried rice the quick and cheating way

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Food and Friends 5

A special meal created for a birthday gift

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Berry Gratin with Champagne Sabayon

quick, beautiful and delicious!

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Valentine's Day 2012

A very personal post about my life and my family

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Lit'l Smokies handpies

another dish idea for big game day

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Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes

an almost no-cook recipe!

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panko crusted tilapia with lemon caper sauce

quick, easy, delicious

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lemon caper sauce

salty, tangy, rich, serve with everything.

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pretty proud of my first attempt!

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chocolate meringue tartlets

rich and decadent but quick and easy

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what i've been doing instead of cooking

I need some help please! Anyone ever made those cookie bowls?

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white cheddar and chive souffles

breakfast or dinner? both?

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chicken pot pie

The family would eat this every night if i made it

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white chocolate and peppermint meringues

These were a giant hit at the Christmas Show

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best drop biscuits

I'm terrible at baking bread! So if I can make these, anyone can

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twice baked potatoes

one of my most requested items!

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quick and easy / dinner or appetizer

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limoncello cakes

tastes like lemonade but in cake form! delicious!

Larissa: Your list is looking GREAT, this one's my favorite 'eye candy' on your list, my mouth's watering too :).

Tate's Kitchen: LOL / Thank you Larissa! Shall I deliver??? haha

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mini Pumpkin Bread muffins

quick and delicious and delightful to 24 1st graders!

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Mini Pumpkin Bread muffins via Tate's Kitchen

This is my most favorite type of recipe to receive. A recipe that was...more

Suggested by Larissa

This recipe and photos are gorgeous, don't forget to include photos when adding a list items. Readers love eye candy :).

Tate's Kitchen: Thank you Larissa! I'm finally back on-line so will be posting much more. Thank you for the tip (not sure why I missed that!) :-)

Larissa: BTW, if you like this item and think it's worthy of being on your list - you can 'promote' it to your list. Just look for the pink up arrow icon and click the promote link.

Tate's Kitchen: uh-oh....I just assumed everything I added automatically showed in a list...No??? (that's what I get for assuming right?) Do I need to click the promote arrow with each item added?

Larissa: Everything you add automagically appears on the list, but I orginally added the Mini Pumpkin Bread to your list, so you get to decide if it's worthy of being on your list.

Tate's Kitchen: oh...gotcha...then Thank You!

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