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Female Founders Protesting SOPA/PIPA by Tereza Nemessanyi

by Tereza Nemessanyi, posted to Career & Money

Thousands of U.S. tech companies have protested SOPA/PIPA. This is a list of the female founders who have taken a stand against the bill. For more information, check out and the NY Times ( ... More »

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Honestly Now

Honestly Now participated in the nationwide site blackout on 1/18 in protest of SOPA/PIPA. A user-generated Q&A platform for personal decision-making, freedom of speech and innovation is critical to our future.

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Suggested by Jeanne Pinder

Sopa blackout

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The Tech Community Must Lobby On Our Own Behalf | Women 2.0

The tech community must become more involved in politics past SOPA....more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

A good article about why the tech community, women members included, need to lobby against SOPA. And you gotta love the image of Ryan Gossling they include.

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SOPA Blackout: Why Wikipedia Needs Women | Huffington Post

As I write this, I watch our team of staff and volunteers slowly black...more

Suggested by Eden Godsoe

Good article from Sarah Stierch on women's role in protesting SOPA and the general importance of the female voice.

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