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Recipes That Rock Your Juicer by Michelle Kay

by Michelle Kay, posted to Food & Drink

A comprehensive list of delicious juicer recipes that will make you want to eat healthier!

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Getting Healthy 2013: Strawberry Juicer Recipe And Results From The #MillionSteps Challenge


These days, this is what healthy looks like. It looks like a big shiny...more

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Most Awesome Breakfast Smoothie | Smoothie Recipes

Make this smoothie every morning for breakfast. It’s rich in...more

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Morning Eye Opener (Juicer req.) Recipe

Awesome Juice Extractor recipe!

makes 6 servings!

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Awesome Apple Juice


Here at "Awesome Juice Recipes" we share what we have learned about...more

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Two Green Juice Recipes That Taste Awesome! | Lets Talk Fitness

Here are two green juice recipes that are filled with vitamins and...more

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A Juicing Recipe….Mean Green Grinch Juice


 We are…


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Kid Friendly Juicing Recipes!

Kid Friendly Juicing Recipes!

Don't forget the kids love juice too!!

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How To Make Green Lemonade (with Cantaloupe)

So you’ve read about The Fashionista Cleanse embraced by New York...more

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South Beach Frothy Pink Tomato Juice

Celebrate vine ripened tomatoes with this savory, fresh pressed juice....more

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Classic Sagaponack Carrot and Celery Juice

Carrot and celery juice is a classic pressed vegetable juice loved by...more

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How To Make Green Lemonade (Romaine + Apple)

You guzzled down your morning Green Lemonade with Cantaloupe as you...more

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6 Fresh Juice Recipes - A Beautiful Mess

I recently picked up a juicer and have been completely obsessed with...more

Great selections!

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Refreshing Green Juice Recipe: Cucumber, Mint, and Pear Juice

Now that finals are over, I can give my body a little TLC. As you all...more

delicious and easy!

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 Awesome!! I've NEVER used a juicer before, and am excited to find some new recipes!