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Best Gifts for a Foodie by Chef Amy Fothergill

by Chef Amy Fothergill, posted to Food & Drink

Do you love your gadgets? If you don't have these, find out why you should!

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FOOD & DRINK: Yumvelope

Yumvelope aims to send out some of the best-tasting, freshest, and...more

Suggested by Yumvelope

Great gift, particularly for the natural food lover

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Lucy in the Larder's Christmas gift ideas for foodies

Suggested by Lucy.Squire

Check out these ten unique gift ideas for the foodie in your life

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Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's Cookbook [Paperback]

"Fans of Trader Joe's have been waiting a long time for a book like...more

Suggested by Krista

Perfect for someone who loves cooking or tasty, healthy food.

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Tortilla press

There is nothing like fresh homemade tortillas. A press really...more

It's a great gadget.

Claudia: I think homemade tortillas are my biggest weakness next to Bread :)

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Donut pan

Yes, it's very decadent but so worth it! Plus, when you use the pan,...more

For special treats, this is a must-have!

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Crepe pan

Homemade crepes are simple and easy. They can be served sweet or...more

Crepes seem exotic but foodies know it's like making a pancake.

Larissa: I've always wanted one of these,, would make crepes more often if I had a dedicated pan.

Eden Godsoe: I am not a big foodie but would love this...for my husband to make me crepes!

Jackie: My brother got this last year for Christmas :) he stil hasn't made me a crepe though :(

Penelope Poet: We bought a crepe pan for my husband for father's day. He likes it and we actually use it on weekends! Sur la Table in The Ferry building has a great selection. I'd suggest going in feeling the actual weight of the pan (some can be way too heavy or difficult to manage). The staff is super helpful too.

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Belgium waffle iron

If you want to make your own sweet waffles like those you might see in...more

Your family will love these special waffles. For a gluten-free version, check my blog.

Claudia: This looks amazing right now! Would love to start making this weekend

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Soda Stream

Make bubbly water at home with no fuss and no mess and no cases of...more

Suggested by Julie Westerman Shanson

Seems like an unusual choice, but there's nothing like a glass of bubbly (water!) to keep me excited about drinking the plain stuff. Sipping during a chopping session makes the time pass more quickly. Or, with a splash of juice and a squeeze of lime you have a mocktail ready to go.

Larissa: Not unusual at's on my foodiie gift list and one of my most coveted gifts this year, good call!!!

Chef Amy Fothergill: Thanks Julie. Great idea!!

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