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Favorite Family Dishes by Chef Amy Fothergill

by Chef Amy Fothergill, posted to Food & Drink

As a mom (always first) and chef, I have to come up with meals that meet my basic requirements: healthy, easy and tasty. Here are my family's favorite meals.

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Chicken Kebabs

Even if you don't have the fresh herbs, you can marinate the chicken...more

Most kids like stuff on a stick. You can keep this recipe simple by following the basic techniques. If your family doesn't like arugula, serve it on white or brown rice. Baby steps...

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Dino Kale with White Beans

This meal is quick, easy and delicious. The garlic and kale are so...more

When I first saw this post, 4 years ago, I thought, my kids will never eat it! Actually, they loved it. Give it a try and make sure to add freshly grated cheese and olive oil at the end. Actually, let your kids do that step!

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Roasted Tomaotes over Polenta with Mascarpone Cheese

Yes, a little bit of heaven.

My daughter who is not a big tomato sauce fan was very enthusiastic. My son, a true Italian, didn't look up from his plate until it was completely gone. Aww, that's my boy!

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BBQ Chicken and Kale Chips

Separate items but both favorites in our household.

Kale chips are the new chicken nugget. You'd be amazed at how many kids like them!

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Vegetable and Bean Soup

A quick soup you can make any night of the week.

It's delicious, healthy and easy.

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Pad Thai

Rice noodles mixed with veggies and meat in a slightly sweet sauce....more

My daughter tells me she only likes my pad thai (even though I use a bottled sauce!).

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Rice, Lentil and Spaghetti Bake

This is a variation of the other pilaf but another winner. At...more

Bring on the lentils!

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Lentil and Rice Pilaf with Sausage

This is a quick and easy one-pot meal which is also quite delicious.

My 4 year old son described it as "yummy, yummy in my tummy". Enough said.

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Beef Saffron Risotto

An easy risotto seasoned with saffron and browned ground beef. This is...more

Once you try it, you will understand. Yes, you can make risotto!

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These are basically rolled and baked tacos. This is a great way to get...more

Most kids like tacos; try adding quinoa and see what happens!

Eden Godsoe: I am a huge fan of quinoa. Just told someone I want to see a list of all the different things I can make with quinoa.

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Italian Meatballs

This is the recipe my mother made for me when I was young. I sometimes...more

Using oats instead of breadcrumbs boosts the nutrition. It's an easy dish that can be served plain or with pasta and sauce.

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