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Kale Chips by The Refined Chef

by The Refined Chef, posted to Food & Drink

Save money and make delicious kale chips at home

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Red Russian Kale Chips

Great colors and perfect to make when company comes over.

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Kale Chips with Black Truffle Oil and Fumee De Sel

Class up your kale chips with this recipe

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Tuscan Kale Chips

A simple kale chip with just a few ingredients

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Winterbor Kale Chips

A hearty kale with thick, curly leaves

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Mustard Greens Chips

A naturally spicy chip

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Spicy Collard Green Chips with Chili Oil and Cayenne Pepper

A nice amount of heat in these broad leaf collard green chips

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Eden Godsoe:

 I love kale chips. Who knew there were so many types?!