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Top Reasons To Eat MORE Often by YOU_Camp

by YOU_Camp, posted to Health & Fitness

Looking To Shed Some Pounds? Here's Some Info You Probably Didn't know

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You Can Never Have Enough Snack Foods

Bring plenty of baggies or tupperware with snacks. Some of my favs:...more

Eating plenty of healthy small snacks between meals helps cut down on your appetite when those major meals come around. Therefore, reducing the possibility of overeating

Tina Fairbairn: Looking for some good tips on nonfat, low carb, high protein snacks besides Fage nonfat Greek yogurt! I like Bare Fruit Apple Crisps, with laughing cow and a good whole wheat cracker

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Metabolism at a Glance

Metabolism at a Glance is a complete review course of metabolism in...more

Eating often boosts and sustains your metabolism so it goes strong throughout your day. Not eating after about 3 hours slows down your metabolism making it harder to burn those extra calories

Tina Fairbairn: OMG. This is a chemistry book. Where's the cartoons?

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EA Sports Active 2

EA SPORTS Active 2 with Total Body Tracking will feature an innovative...more

Your metabolism controls your energy levels so not getting in breakfast, skipping meals, or not eating frequently enough can all tank your energy levels making it hard to get through the day. So how likely would you say you'd be up for a workout with your energy down the tubes???

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Mood Swings

I think I had mood swings even before I became pregnant. Pregnancy...more

You probably feel really short tempered, stressed, and just overwhelmed at work but not all of it is necessarily part of the daily grind. Not eating enough can make you more irritable, less able to focus, and unable to retain information. Makes one grouchy mother trucker!

Isabella: So that explains it!

Tina Fairbairn: What should I eat before training with you_campfitness? I should focus better and retain more info listening to G. Maybe water doesn't cut it. Otherwise, I am a happy you_camper. Just a little foggy at times.

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Sleep is the number one way to stay healthy. Now, if only there were...more

Some people don't get enough sleep. Some people don't get good sleep. But whether it's the job or the kids that keep you up it's your eating habits that play a major role as well! Having more of a routine eating schedule will help you get longer, better quality sleep which in turn helps you bring down stress levels and recuperate mentally and physically (from a workout maybe?). More sleep also helps you reset your metabolism and burn more calories while you're dreaming about tomorrows awesome workout!

Isabella: This is a great tip, I usually don't get enough sleep!

Beatriz Sandoval: I'm doing everything BUT sleeping! gotta put in the extra hours.

Tina Fairbairn: Yeah, one hour makes a big difference. More energy. Plus more weight loss.

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