SkinnyScoop Brings the Conversation into Pinterest-Style Recommendations

11/19/2012— "Pinterest: Where women go to organize their dream closets, get exercise tips and save recipes for cakes they’ll never bake. But where the virtual bulletin board is great for setting goals and daydreaming, SkinnyScoop wants to take these dreams and turn them into action."

All Things D
SkinnyScoop Bets That There's an Oprah in Everyone

11/19/2012— "A new social Web site, called SkinnyScoop and built around lists of recommendations, has two X chromosomes in mind. Aimed at women, it encourages them to create custom lists on a range of topics, from the best local eats to stylish maternity clothes, and then compare those lists with others."

USA Today
SkinnyScoop Helps Women Help Each Other

11/19/2012— "SkinnyScoop has built a community of hundreds of thousands of women who turn to each other for suggestions on apps and books, child care, beauty products, and more. In the process, woman can become influencers within their field and build an online reputation."

USA Today
Facebook is ... Myspace?

10/8/2012— "This is happening by demographics: Path, for instance, targets an upscale, executive, familyish, yuppified niche. It's happening by interest: ArtStack focuses on art and taste as the common thread. There's gender: Luluvise and SkinnyScoop. "